How Regular Should Fetal Movement Be 14 Weeks

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sap2334 - March 31

I'm 14 weeks with my 2nd. I have been feeling the baby move for around 2 weeks now but more somedays than others. It's been more frequent this past week. Friday I felt movement like 8 times that day. Sat & Sun maybe once not really sure. Its Monday and I haven't felt any movement today. Usually when I cough or sneeze I feel flutters. But for the past few days, nothing. I haven't had any cramping or anything abnormal. I've been kinda bloated is the only thing. I don't know if that makes a difference. I know the baby is tiny now but I'm just wondering if I should be worried??? What's normal at 14 weeks if you've felt it alot for several days in a row?


stefkay - March 31

I don't think fetal movement is even expected to be consistent until after 24 weeks. My dr. said I could start kick counts at 24 weeks, but many will say 28 weeks. You're pretty early so I wouldn't worry too much at this point. The baby is still pretty small and floats in the fluid pretty much.. I found at 14 weeks that my doppler eased my mind much more.


sap2334 - March 31

Thanks for the comment.. stefkay where did you get your doppler from? I wanted to get a good one sometime soon : )


Cat24 - April 1

sap i wouldnt worry about it. i felt my first movements quite early on, around the same time as you. i felt some everyday but then some days lots more and other days hardly any. when i got to 20 weeks i felt then more consistently and everyday, not to mention getting harder now im nearly 25 weeks. don't worry about it. good luck with your pregnancy.


llukenjess - April 1

I wouldnt worry since twelve weeks i have only felt the baby move 4 doc said that was alot this early on...i just had a u/s two days ago and everything is shouldnt be constant until about 20-25 weeks my doc said. so you're ok hun


alirenee86 - April 1

Could it be possible that what you're feeling is gas or stomach pains from having normal stomach pains, maybe?? I'm not saying you don't know that they're actual baby movements, just seems way early. I'm sure it happens though. I'm pregnant with my 2nd and didn't feel them at all with my first until way later on. I'm 14 weeks now and have a very ga__sy stomach with pains that I could mistake for movements, but I know it's just my stomach right now. I'm sure depending on the position of the baby, you might be able to feel it more. With my first, I never even felt them very strongly ever because the placents was placed just so that it was acting as a cushion.


MissP - April 1

I am curious about this too. Im 13 and a half wks with my 2nd pregnancy (lost 1st one at 12 wks) and ive been feeling little flutters, especially when im lying and its quiet, i seem to be aware of it more. I didnt think it was possible to feel it so early and keep telling myself its gas - but a a sufferer of ibs - this is not like any gas ive felt before and its not painfull, plus i dont actually have any more gas than normal!! Sorry if tmi! any thoughts from anyone? x


stefkay - April 1

sap2334, I got my doppler from and it is wonderful! It worked from about 9 weeks on for me and I still use it although not as often because now my baby girl is bigger and more active it's harder to catch and hold the heartbeat. I got the digital readout because it will display the number immediately without you having to try to hold it and count.



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