How Soon Can U Dtermine Sex

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mgn - November 15

how soon can u determine the s_x of your child via sonogram? my 16 week appt is tues and i am wondering if i will be able to find out. thanks


denimbluez - November 15

i just went monday for my 16 week and found out it's a boy. i know people who went for their 15 week appt and found out, but all instances it was a little boy. i would think if you're having a girl the doctor may be a bit more hesitant to predict in the case that it could be wrong. what they told me is that it's a lot more certain in the 20th week. hope that helps :o)


ROBYN - November 15

We found out at 16 weeks when we did part 2 of our NT scan that we are having a boy. I am 24 weeks now and have an tons of u/s since its still a boy.


NewMommyinMay - November 16

I'm going in for a 15 week ultrasound on Tuesday and was wondering the same thing, I'll let you know what my doctor says! I think it's possible to tell, but I am sure I will want to re-verify at my next ultrasound. Still exciting though!! Let me know if you find out.......good luck


kazforrest - November 18

I was told at 12 weeks by the professor of fetal medicine that 90% chance it was a boy which was confirmed at 17 weeks. I think it depends on the person carrying out the scan how soon. The proff cdnt be sure at 12 weeks as they often look the same at that age.


Christie - November 19

I work in a hospital and I am friends with the u/s tech, so we go and look at the baby from time to time. Well, on Friday I was 14 weeks 2 days, and when we looked at the baby, she told me "Don't go and buy everything yet, but from what I can see, I am pretty positive it's a girl". Granted, this was like a 5 minute peak, and I had just gone potty so my bladder was totally empty. We have an official u/s tomorrow, so she is hoping with a full bladder and more time to look around she will be able to tell me for sure, so I will let you guys know when I find out :)


Mel Page - November 19

Hi girls, on my 13 weeks u/s my doc told me that there's a 95% chance that I was having a girly but not to go and buy pink stuff yet, till it's confirmed, at my 17 weeks appointment it was confirmed......GIRLY!!!! I'm now 25 weeks along and going for my next u/s in two days, looking forward to seeing how much she has grown. Good luck girls!!!


NewMommyinMay - November 20

So, I just went to my appointment (I'm at 15 weeks). They did both an internal and external ultrasound...I had to go to this specalist group to measure my cervix. Anyway, the ultrasound tech was super unhelpful. She didn't even explain what she was doing at any point and did not look for the baby's s_x. So, we figured we wouldn't push it by asking her what the s_x was because she seemed so out of it that we probably would have gotten something totally inaccurate! We have another ultrasound at 19 weeks so we will ask our regular OB doctor at that point...but just curious, is it common that the doctor won't tell you anything unless you push that person to look? I was under the impression that they would know to look and then as YOU if you wanted to know.......hmmmmmmmm


amydumplin - November 20

I had a simular experience as NewMommyInMay. I was the first appointment for an ultrasound on a Monday and the u/s lady was crabby and tired so did not take the time to try to get a good veiw of the gender. She just said that the baby was too small to tell. I know that at almost 18 weeks that is not true. I do get another one in 4 weeks (twins run in the family and I was measuring big that is why I had the first one) so we will have to wait until then and maybe hope we get someone different:)


AMBER81 - November 20




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