How Soon Did You Know What You Were Having

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Bless - February 3

Hey everyone i had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago which was 13.5 weeks for me. The student u/s tech said she saw something but here in Canada they wont tell you what your having. I am 99% sure i saw all the male parts ( not an imbilical cord) How soon did you all know what you were having or could you tell in the u/s?


Tammy276 - February 3

you cannot accurately tell what you are having until at least 16 weeks!! girl parts can look like boy parts when the u/s is done to early, so don't get your hopes up yet until your have your normal 20 week scan


bl - February 3

We were able to find out the gender by u/s at 15 weeks. It was very clear that it was a boy! It was later confirmed by an amnio that the u/s was correct.


Bellas Mom - February 3

12 weeks for us. We had a NT test done at 12w2d and the very talented guy (who is also a professor at an ob college in Long Island NY was able to tell us it was a girl, I went back to see him at 20 weeks for the routine sono, and I asked him again, and he re-confirmed it. And sure enough I had a girl (at a very frustrated 42 weeks pregers)


mommybabyboy21 - February 3

with an ultrasound according to my friend who is a u/s tech you could possible tell as early as 12 weeks but as tammy said they aren't as accuret as the later ones, that is why they usually don't tell you until you are between 18 and 22 weeks. But my friend was trying to convience me to be part of this study...d__n I am trying to find the web site can tell what you are having at 6 weeks...through a simple blood test. It is still a study they have had over 1000 patiance and the test has been 99.9% accurate with only one mistake...what they do is they look at the mothers blood and search for y chromosom...because you and your baby exchange blood at that point...if they find it then you are having a boy if they don't then you are having a girl. The one mistake was they didn't find it and the person had a boy. So I figure that if they find it its probably 100% going to be a boy but if they don't then the possiblity is still there. I really need to find that web site again ....I should call my friend.


TamaraAngel - February 3

I had an U/S at 14 weeks and the tech would not even attempt to look for gender... he said it was too early to accurately tell.... i found out i'm having a boy at a 17w U/S but the baby actually measured 18 weeks.


DDT - February 3

Where is Canada are you from? I am in Langley, BC and they told me the s_x at the hospital I went to. I do know that some hospitals won't tell you but some will. They just have different policies. I found out the s_x at 18w6d pregnant at my Level II u/s. My b/f saw what he believed to be a little p___s but wasn't sure. It is hard to tell...people are trained to do it and I wouldn't put complete faith in what you saw, and they are not 100% accurate either.... BUT my b/f was right in his "guess-work" and we are having a little boy (in about 2 weeks whoo hoo!!). We are also 100% sure its a boy after two 3D u/s's done at 22wks and 27wks. Good luck!


mommybabyboy21 - February 3

here is the web site to the early gender test...they say you can take the test anytime after 6 weeks and they are letting candians take the test too. its at genetree(dot)com. Don't forget the w's


dot - February 6

18 weeks


aliciavr6 - February 6

in my ultrasound, i got many different views of the girl parts, and you could very easily see that it was in fact a girl, so maybe you did see boy parts! i heard they develop at around 12w.


squished - February 6

We had our u/s yesterday at 16w3d and the tech asked us if we wanted to know what we were having and I asked her if she knew for sure and she said yep. So at least by 16w you can tell.


mamaof3 - February 6

Bless~ I have three boys, i found out at 13 weeks with my first two and at 11 weeks with my third. With my third they didn't want to say for sure cause it was still a little early but my dr. said he was pretty certain it was another boy and he was right. I am 5 weeks pregnant with my last baby and I'm hoping they can tell me just as early. I have a feeling it's another boy! GL~


JolieLucker - February 6

i found out at 16wks


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

I live in canada too actually far south surrey and I went to langley for my u/s because the hospital here has a policy on NOT telling you the s_x of the baby. I was 19 weeks 5 days, baby measured right on and the tech is 60-70% sure on the s_x 9we dont really care as long as its healthy but we already have children and want to be more prepared with clothes etc). Anyway the clinic refused to give the results to my OBGYN at the maternity clinic until I was over 21 weeks preggers! Also a quick run down the company that does blood work to determine the s_x has alot of current law suits against it because of false results there not 99.9% accurate, something like 50/50. When a baby is in the womb it is unis_x so to speak until about 12 weeks when the s_x organs begin to develope (until than it looks female) thats when the slit begins to close and the p___s forms and the testies begin to form. for little girls the slit closes a little and becomes more developed. I learned that watching a doc_mentry on hermaphidites and why the problem happens, im addicted to baby doc_mentries. Anyway im rambling but there are places in canada to find the s_x no matter where you live you just have to ask your dr and be at least over 2o weeks, due to the fact some women find out and abort the baby because it is of the wrong s_x. take care - February 7

why dont they let u know what you're having in canada? - February 7

my u/s is scheduled for 3/1 but i've had 3 so far to make sure the baby is okay (it is) but the last one was last tuesday, and the dr. said it was still too early to tell what the s_x was (i'm currently 15 weeks) but kept making references to a boy! my daughter wants a sister and she said, "i think its a girl" and the dr. said "i don't know, you might be wrong, or we might be wrong, but mom and dad need a boy now!" so after the appointment i got to thinking....could the dr. know and just not tell us yet? he said we should be able to tell by the 3/1 u/s date.....????


Faye84 - February 7

i found out what I was having at 22 weeks.



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