How Soon Has Anyone Felt Their Baby Move

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Lyn ...edd 8 April 2006 - October 8

im 14 weeks preg with # 3 and i really believe i have felt my baby move .... coz i know what im feeling for.... alot of peple look at me and say 'no you cant feel your baby move yet' and i know what i makes me feel like im going insane ........ so at what week did everyone else feel their baby move ????


Lisa - October 8

This is my first baby and I'm going into my 19th week and I dont think I've felt the baby move yet. Sometimes I think I do but then Im not sure if it's the baby or gas bubbles...


Ry - October 8

Hi i am 14 weeks too-edd Apr 8 and i swear i can feel movements every now and then. it really isnt like anything i have ever felt before-kinda like a fluttery or bubbly sensation for a moment and its not hunger or gas-i know what that feels like!! :)


Lyn edd 8 April 2006 - October 8

its good to see someone else is feeling the same thing i am ........Ry is this your first pregnancy ?


Dana - October 8

Hi Lyn, I also am very sure i felt the baby at 14 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. After that I didn't feel anything till about 18 weeks but it was the exact same fluttery feeling. I am now at 21 weeks and feel the baby at least once a day even some soft kicks or punches. So I believe you.


Ashley - October 8

Lyn, I started feeling things early, too. This is also my first pregnancy! I didn't tell anyone b/c they really do think you are crazy. I know of one first time mom that was like, you can feel your baby move?? And I was 18 weeks!!! The midwife told her, that's not uncommon and she's pretty thin, and the girl was like, I didn't feel anything before 26 weeks. Lol. My mother in law told me I could probably feel my baby move earlier than I actually did. At 14, 15 weeks it was soooo rare. Then at 18 weeks it picked up and at 19 I think I got my first kick. Cheers on #3!


Lyn edd 8 April 2006 - October 8

thank -you all for your replys it makes me feel a bit better :-)


janna - October 8

I first felt my baby at 15w4d. It was very definite and happend while I was shopping. I was shocked because it is my first pregnancy and all the books say it happens between 20-22 weeks for the first timers. My husband can see little punches in my stomack when I sit still or lie down. My Dr. was very skeptical, saying it was very early, but I'm not halluscinating, not few times a day (along with my husband :])! My dr. thinks I'm able to feel it very early probably because I'm slim. My placenta is kind of low at the moment may be that is also one of the reasons - it doesn't block the movements so I can feel and even see little protrusions on my belly.


also - October 9

Since you know what to expect, having had children before, it's not uncommon to feel movement earlier.


Terra - October 9

I just started my 15th week, and in the middle of the night I felt my baby do little popcorn popping kicks.. I think after you've been a mother *this is my second* you know the early signs, where a first time mother doesn't recognize it.. They think it's gas or whatever, so if you beleive you felt your baby.. Then you DID. They say anywhere between 18 - 22 wks, is a very normal time. Good luck


amy - October 9

hi i having #4 and if felt him move at 13wks


Ry - October 9

this is my first pregnancy. is it normal to feel movement only once in a while or should it be more consistant?


Lyn edd 8 April 2006 - October 10

TO RY..........yes i believe that once in a while for now is normal untill you get a bit further along...hope that helps


Heather - October 10

Lyn - I am 14 weeks also and there is no doubt in my mind I am feeling my baby move! In fact if I make a loud noise like a sneeze or if I yell the baby reacts like he is startled! Believe in yourself only you can make the decision if it is baby or gas! If your instinct says its the baby then enjoy it, you only get to feel a baby moving in side of you for a short period out of your life! Cherish it!


mls - October 10

I'm 16 weeks prego with #2 and have felt a few small bubble pops. at my 12 week vist my doc asked if I had felt anything yet because SOME women do that early.


Maggie - October 10

I'm 20 weeks with my second, and I started feeling the sporadic pops at around 14 weeks. Now I feel full b__wn movement at all hours of the day. I forgot how strange and wonderful it feels. My baby caught me with a really good one this morning that my hubby actually saw my belly move from across the room.



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