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krissy - January 12

Hi! i am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. recently i have noticed some itching "down there" and today i noticed i could feel couple little bumps. so i went searching for an answer and found out about HPV. what i was wondering is if you do have HPV durning pregnancy could it make me go into preterm labor? i see my dr. on wed for my normal monthly visit and i am going to ask her about it. but what i dont understand is if i do have HPV then why hasnt it showed up in previous pap smears? also i could have only gotten from my current bf. we have been together for about 3 yrs now(my first child is with him) i guess i just dont understand any of it. so if someone could clear things up for me i would appriciate it.


kay101 - January 12

Are you sure they aren't normal skin irritations like razor bumps or maybe ingrown hairs? Something like 80% of women have a form of hpv, most of the time the infection clears up on its own like a yeast infection. Don't freak yourself out by googling things on the internet. You could easily just have a yeast infection from the surge of hormones pregnancy causes which could be the culprit for the itching,


cors1wfe - January 12

Krissy - try to calm down - you are self diagnosing and that is a scary thing to do - if you are feeling pretty good just try to relax until you see your doctor. It may not be that at all. Do some more research to be sure Good Luck


sarah21 - January 12

If they did a routine STD test on you at your first appointment, like they did for me, then they would have found it. It's probably nothing or possibly just a bad yeast infection, kind of like jock itch. See your Dr. about it but don't worry just yet.


krissy - January 14

thanks everyone who has replied it has defently helped. I also talked to my bf about it the other night just so when i go to ask my dr. about it on wed(he goes to my appts. with me)he wouldnt be shocked. and amazingly he is fine with the fact i could possible have a STD like that and didnt do what some other guys do and try to say i cheated. i am defently talking to the dr. thanks everyone!



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