Hubbies And Dr Appts

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shannon - November 18

I am cheating and joining your forum even though I am just at 13 wks :) But seriously my ques. is how many of your hubbys come to your dr. appts. with you. I went by myself the first two times but want my husband to come to my next visit (we get to hear the h/b), but he seems a little hesitant. Are any of your husbands like this? Do they enjoy going to the Dr. appts?


ry - November 18

Hi Shannon, welcome to the second trimester!! You are here at 13 weeks. My husband goes as often as he can with me and I do see a lot of other hubbies with their wives when i go. You should really encourage him to come especially if he can hear the heartbeat with you. It is so amazing!! Good luck!


jbean - November 18

you know what my husband doesnt not go with me cause well its really nothing.....i mean we measure and pook me, he has and will just go to 2...the ultrasound we had to find out and then when i get my shot (hate needles) that works for a lot to have him take time from work for a 20min if that for me i dont care he doesnt go tis easier...


jb - November 18

My husband has gone to every one with me except the first one. I see alot of husbands there with their wives. He did make a comment that it is pretty pointless for him to be there except at the u/s. I mean all they do is weigh me, blood pressure, urine sample, then feel and measure my stomach, and use the doppler to hear the heartbeat. He does like that part, hearing the heartbeat is always cool.


Monique - November 19

My dh missed my first appt. and I was so p__sed off and sad and I don't think he'll be missing another! lol. After his first appt, he was hooked....he looks forward to them now. I also see husbands there.


kr - November 19

My Dh tries to make them, but can't because of work. He has been to 2 ( and my U/S since I'm only getting one). The first one he came to out of curiousity, the next one he came to was my blood sugar test (I don't like needles). I am glasd mine could make it to a few. When he can't come I bring my mom or sis. What is more important to me is his particiaption in our birth plan and cla__ses.


Christi - November 19

My boyfriend has gone to ever single appointment I have had. Including the I felt bad... he witnessed a pap smear and I think it forever scarred! He hasnt missed an appointment... but like jb's husband said... my bf did make a comment that unless something changes... he doesnt feel like he needs to be there for blood pressure check and such. The listening to the heartbeat does have him hooked... he loves the ultrasounds... and at my last appointment he really liked making "plans" with the doctor.... I think he'll go reguardless... hes too curious not too.


Karen - November 19

I thought my hubby would play only a limited role in the pregnancy but he surprised me in wanting to be a part of everything. He's only missed one appointment because he was away but called home to find out how things went. He is quite at times but then asks questions too! He's not the emotional type so I was worried how it may involve himself and how I would involve him - so from the start I have given him little things to do - i.e. its his job to scope out cribs (I used the safety thing cause I know he's always concerned about safety) and the baby monitors - he's into electronics. The ultrasound was real interesting for him - at first he was more interested in the equipment given his pa__sion for computers etc., but when he saw the heartbeat and then later the little one moving - he was hooked. Those partners who are less comfortable with it - I would think it is difficult to find it within ourselves to respect our differences. There are other ways of involving them in the process and when baby comes due - I'm sure many partners look forward to being there. If you really want him there - share this with him - you might be pleasantly surprised! Its about communication and support. All the best to you...


anita - November 19

welcome shannon! mine came w/ me to my 1st appt., but just sat in the waiting rm while i was getting checked out. he hasn't been to another one since. i do so much waiting for my 10 mins of actual dr. time and there's so little action that i really don't see the point of putting him through it. i mean, I don't even want to be there. the only good thing is hearing the dr. rea__sure you that the baby seems ok.


me - November 19

My boyfriend came with me to every appointment except one where he had to be at work. But nothing really happened at that appointment anyway. He was even in the room during the first appointment where the doc does an internal exam. I would say if your husband is going to be in the delivery room, he should probably start getting comfortable with the idea now by attending doc's appointments with you! At the very least, the ultrasounds & doppler heartbeat checks should entice him to come along.


Lisa - November 19

Mine comes to all of them. Now that I'm getting further along he gets really excited as well watching the baby move around.


js - November 19

My dh didn't go to any of mine with our fist born - for some reason I can't get him to stay home for this one (I'm 21 weeks). Depends on the guy.. It dosn't bother me one way or the other though. I know he has work and it;s hard for him to get out of it (military). A lot of women go solo here... It's more of a deal for the women then it is for most men. I wouldn't give it a thought. Him being there for the baby AFTER it's born is all that really matters....


Monique - November 19

kr - why do you only get one u/s??


kr - November 20

to Monique- I see midwives. They spend extra time during appointments and listen very well. I will deliver in a hospital in my own rom with them. They are great! The downside is their office does not have all the latest stuff, so I get sent out on referrel for u/s, and since I am not at risk only require one. In the end they can tell the positon of the baby through touching my belly.


karen2 - November 21

Hi Shannon, my husband has gone to all of my appointments so far. The reason is because my first pregnancy ended in m/c and I was so devastated to hear that by myself, without him there. This time I said I would like us to be together if they find that there is no heartbeat again. Now that everything's fine (17 weeks) I told him he doesn't have to, but I think he feels guilty if he doesn't. :) He loves to hear the heartbeat.


Tess - November 21

My hubby was w/ me since day 1 of my pregnancy plus the Dr. visits, u/s, and specially those regular check ups to hear our baby's heartbeat. He's just been very supportive w/ this pregnancy and its our 1st baby too.


Lacy - November 21

Well, my husband has made it too all but one of my appts, because he was working out of town. I thought it was really funny because when we went for our US the doc printed out 2 pictures of baby. My husband said, um, sir, dont you think we could get a couple more? It was cute, because at this appt, baby looked like a little jelly bean. He carries one in his wallet, and one in his cowboy hat. He loves to hear the heartbeat too, and I think he just feels included if he tags along to appts.



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