Hubby Not Happy With Gender Of Baby

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Niki - October 5

Had sono yesterday and found out we are having our second daughter. I am so excited but hubby is acting strange. I know he secretly wanted a boy, but you get what god gives you. He does not want to talk about baby stuff or feel for her to kick. He says why do we have to always talk about the baby or why bother her maybe she is tired. i just cry... not in front of him.I hope he will come around. Sorry to spill it.


Karen - October 5

Niki - I agree with Lisa.. he is being obnoxious. There are a lot of people that have a hard time conceiving and carrying any baby - take what God give you.. Maybe he should go on-line and read some of the stories about m/c ... might give him a different perspective on things. Sorry you have to deal with him and his "feelings" right now. xoxo


Ashley - October 5

My husband's cousin - right after we were married I was at a funeral and I heard her telling someone that she would have another baby if she knew it would be a boy. She was also troubled that her daughter would be 4 by the time the baby arrived if they did try. Well, I was new to the family but I said I was 4 years older than my brother and we were best friends growing up. Not that she listened to me. But she mentioned that her husband said she had to be ok with either a boy or a girl, whatever God gave, right? Well, they finally tried again (their daughter will be 5, now, I think?) and the u/s showed another girl. She wasn't thrilled when she told us and all I could remember is what she said a year ago before she knew me. I think she has come around, though. It is tough, if a boy means that much I would just try again? Me and dh want multiple kids so we are not too worried about which is which. His side of the family seems to run two girls then two boys. I'm thankful his parents tried again after their two girls and I know my sisinlaw is too! ;)


Angela - October 5

I'm so sorry!!! That sucks. You need to tell him how you feel and tell him he is upsetting you. He will come around but you shouldn't have to wait for that. He needs to buck up and be a man, and girls rock anyway - you're a girl, aren't ya? :)


Jessica - October 6

Your dh has no idea how lucky he is. Took my dh and I years to conceive and we could care less what the gender is. We have a son at home (adopted) and we are pregnant for the first time with a boy and couldn't be more thrilled. Babies are such blessings no matter what their s_x is. I am sure that anyone who has experienced the pain of infertility or pregnancy loss would open your husbands eyes alittle and make him be grateful for the healthy little girl you are carrying. I hope he comes around soon and by all means tell him what a gift he is getting and to get over it!!!



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