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christine29 - November 22

ok so i have a huge problem...... (and please dont judge i am not giving all circ_mstances surrounding) i am currently 15 weeks pregnant conformed by ultrasound at 8.5 weeks. i have really long cycles from 31-35 days. i statred my period on 8/3 and had unprotected s_x with someone on 8/16 just 1 time. then i was with my boyfriend on 8/19-24 i am not sure how many times but more then 1. what do you think that chances are that it is the 1st mans? they have given me a due date of 5/16 which from what i can tell shows conception on 8/24........ please help before i go crazy!


akm - November 22

If your date of conception based on the ultrasound measurements is 8/24, then it's much more likely that it's your boyfriend's baby. I have a 05/15 due date and I know I ovulated on August 22 because I was charting my BBT and cervical mucus.... did you notice any signs of ovulation at any point? If this is really driving you crazy, I heard that they can tell through an amnio what the paternity is.... there are risks with amnios however, so most doctors won't do it just for this reason. Good luck!


jennifer_33106 - November 22

The estimated DD is a guess. Even an u/s can be off +/- 5 days. Sperm can live in you for 5 days at the most. It is really hard to say who is the father as it could honestly be either. I hope you can talk this over with your BF and he is understanding. You in my opinion are going to need to get a paternity test. GL!!


sarahnicolesmom - November 27

If you have long cycles like you say, and they gave you a EDD of 5/16 you most likely conceived +/- on 08/24. You would still have to have a paternity test to be sure though. Good Luck!


BriannasMummy - November 27

The only way you are going to know for sure is if you get a paternity test.. 8/16 and 8/19 are much too close. U/s can give you a due date.. but that is only an estimate. Sperm has a way of living UP TO 5 days.. so honestly it could be either fella's baby. It doesnt really matter that your cycle is long.. its when you ovulated that really counts. Im so sorry, but Im pretty sure you need a paternity test. ~Kristin~


mgn - November 28

8/16 would be cd 14 which sounds to me a bit early to conceive; i have short cycles (26 days) and I ovulate around cd 12-14 so if u have long cyclces chances are it is your boyfriends. but u know, anything is possible so i agree, get the paternity test when your bub arrives. i am sorry u are having to deal with this at what is supposed to be such a happy time. dont fret, just remember that all that relaly matters now is taking care of you and baby and the rest will take care of itself. if ur boy gets upset, let him be upset. if he loves u, he will settle with time and come back. we are only human and mistakes happen.


mgn - November 28

ps, by mistake i mean you and the other guy.....not your baby. :) they are never mistakes! take care and good luck



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