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Brownee - February 16

I am 14 weeks pregnant and during the 1st trimester I had EXTREME all day sickness and now I am wondering if my baby is ok. However, since the sickness went away I am hungry all the time but most of the time I have no desire to eat. I literally have to eat every 1-2 hours to prevent myself from getting sick. Is anybody else having this problem? I am also paranoid that I may be pregnant with twins. I need help bad!


nonk - February 17

I had exactly the same problem as yours. I started to have less sickness in the beginning of 17 weeks. I am 19 weeks n 3 days and still have no appet_te, but keep getting hungry and most of the time I just forced myself to eat for the sake of my baby.Like you, I am wondering too if my baby would be fine, but the last time I did my ultrasound everything was fine, and the doctor said the fetus growth as it suppose to be. I will have another ultrasound in 2 days, I really can't wait. By the way did u take any prenatal, cos it's really important..and how about the ultrasound. Before I was paranoid that I was gonna get twins too, but they found out I just have one fetus. So I think it's better if you go to the dr and see.


Tanya - February 17

I think its normal girls.. I also had that problem where I litterally used to throw up almost everything I ate. My husband started joking after a while and placing bets on "whether baby will like this meal". The doctor said the baby was fine though. I am 18 weeks now and still get sick sometimes. I try to snack during the day though. Little meals every few hours or so, from peanuts, to a small salad.. anything that will stay in at this stage. But again, the dr said the baby was fine. So if your doc isnt worried, then you dont need to be either. ;-)


angi - February 17

i am 13 weeks pregnant. like you i was sick all through the first three months and now i have to eat all the time.


april - February 17

i am 17 weeks and luckily i have had no sickness. this is my second pregnancy and i haven't been sick either time. i am hungry all the time and if i don't eat i will get a little queasy. i don't think anything is wrong, everyones pregnancy is different. hope that helps.


BBK - February 17

Brownee, my wife has exactly the same problem. Try to add variety to your diet, and carry crackers and breadsticks whenever possible to avoid crisis. The baby I'm sure is fine as s/he will draw all the nutrients from your body..... it's more about you: Careful to get enough Calcium and Iron, to avoid tooth decay and anemia.


Alpana - February 18

I am 14 weeks pregnant now , I had a same problem like yours, i am feeling o.k now ,as before i used to vomit after every meal & I was not gaining any wight either , but then my doctor said that it's normal in first trimester, till now I just force myself to eat as I still don't have appet_te. I think it's pretty normal, so you don't have to worry!!!



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