I Am 20 Wks Can A Ultra Sound Tell Me The Sex Of My Baby

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Gaby - May 16

Tomorrow I am going to go get an ultra sound and it will be my first one. I just wanted to know if they will be able to give me an accurate answer as to if it will be a boy or girl...


Jennifer - May 16

Yes, they should be able to tell you what it's going to be. I am hopefully going to find out Wednesday!


nm - May 16

Yes and good luck!


*** - May 16

What about at 16 weeks? Woudl they tell me?


Debbie - May 16

Yeah, it they can get between you b___ter beans legs they can probably tell. They were able to tell on me at 16 weeks. I'm having a girl!!! I work at a hospital and the u/s tech told me if you want the baby to move while they do the u/s you can try drinking some chocolate milk. The combination of the sugar and caffeine get this just enough hyper to move. That might be a thought to use. It worked for me.


Jennifer - May 16

I went for an ultrasound at 16 weeks and they told me what they thought that it was. Still was a little early but she was pretty sure she saw a little fella's worm!


Heidi - May 16

I heard orange juice gets it moving too. Not sure why. There's no caffeine in it.


C - May 16

It all depends if the little one is cooperative. I'm having a u/s next week hopefully I'll get to know also.


Kelly - May 29

Yes, they can tell the s_x of the baby at 20 weeks. The genitals are fully formed. A boy looks like a swollen ball with a little ball or line attached to it or lieing on it ( the p___s lieing on the t______es, if it looks like a straight line the p___s is probably errect. If it looks like a little ball then it is probably not errect) and if it is a girl it looks like 3 lines next to each other ( the labia the two outside lines and the c___terus, the line in the middle). The only way they couldn't tell is if the baby has it's hands, arms, or legs in the way to block the view. It also depends on the experience the technician has. I have also heard that they shouldn't mistake the umbilical cord for a p___s because if they are truely experienced and know what they are doing then they will clearly see the s_x of the baby or just say they don't know if they are unsure. So, you might want to ask them how long they have been doing these ultrasounds and how accurate they have been. Also, for the other lady who wanted to know if it is possible to tell the babies s_x in the 16th week. They probably can. However, it is best to wait until the 20th week when the babies genitals are fully developed.



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