I Am On First Trim Need Your Advice

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Shiva - October 30

I am 7w2d today and feeling very sick since I started my 06week. I am throwing like anything i can't tollerate any food smell. and simple water is making me crazy. after drinking I have to go for throw. Only one thing I can eat and that's plain yogurt with salt. like I tell you since today morning I am already throw up two times and I haven't eaten much yet. and when I think for eating I feel throwing up feeling. I dont want to get dehydration but as i said I cant tollerate water also what should I do? and for any specific food you have to suggest?? Thanks for helping everyone!!


Shiva - October 30

And Please share your First Trim symptoms that would make me more comfortable to handle my situation. Please help!!


Rainbowbrite - October 30

I just wanted to say that maybe you're throwing up because you need to actually eat more. I know you say you can't keep anything down but if you wait to long to eat in the mornings that could also make you sick... but i would suggest leaving crackers at your bedside and eating a few crackers before you even get out of bed first thing in the morning. If you can't drink water, try to stay hydrated with juices such as apple or orange juices/grape juices stuff like that... i know what you're saying because water was not anything i wanted to drink either. Maybe if you feel you can't eat try to eat fruits/veggies- or even yogurt is a good snack... but could you eat like a peanut b___ter and jelly sandwich? those worked wonders for me when i felt really hungry... you can't put off eating when you're pregnant is one thing i learned because i had a pretty uneventful first trimester my second trimester if i don't eat, then i get really dizzy and on the verge of pa__sing out and that is horrible... so try to just always stock up on crackers/soups or fruits/veggies just try to have something always in your system. Also you could contact your dr and they can recommend you safe medicine that you can take that is suppose to help with the severe nausea...


Shiva - October 30

Thanks!! Rainbow- I will definately try crackers and jelly but seriously juices are also makes me sick. but I know I have to so I will. and about prescription My doctor is giving me any she says that there is no such prescription for nausea and vomiting in pregnency. Try eating as much as I can but that does'ne work for me she is not understanding. I am sucking lemon and lemon candy which helps for some time but I am not able to eat anything. Thanks for sharing your days with me!! Hoping this sickness will go away soon.


Rainbowbrite - October 30

I also heard sucking on mints is suppose to help also... and yes they do have medications out there for that... that they can give you.. i never got sick but i had bouts of nausea and my dr gave me a prescription and it did help me... but if she don't prescribe it for you then she shouldn't lie and say they don't exist... but keep trying to drink like chicken broth or chicken noodle soup with crackers... Hang in there and hopefully it pa__ses soon!


tish212 - October 30

ur dr makes no sense to me...there is a prescription medicine for nausea...I can't remember the name but there is one....if u r not happy with ur dr and feel u aren't getting adequate care then I would suggest changing drs...ur inability to keep food down is serious as ur baby needs nutrition...u r far enough along that ur baby is feeding of what u eat....I had to use ensure drinks at the beginning of my pregnancy....they don't taste so well...but I would slowly drink one and try to keep it down for as long as possible...that way we got as many vitamins and minerals as possible... the good news is..is that for a lot of women it goes away by the 3rd month... I know that seems like forever from now but its not.... I highly suggest seeking another dr....gl


Shiva - October 30

Thanks Rainbow I will definately buy chicken broth today. Actually I forgot to tell you that I am getting very lite brown spotting since last tuesday but there is everything normal I heard the baby's heartbeat/140. and doctor said everything is fine. may be she is concern about my spotting that's the reason she doesn't want me to give any kind of prescription. otherwise she is a good doctor she will not advise wrong. But if vomiting and nausea will get worse she has to do something for me. I am definately going to call her every other day.


Tory1980 - October 30

There is medications you can take for nausea and/or vomiting in pregnancy but a lot depends on the Doctor and whether they will prescribe it or not. If it continues then you may need IV fluids and will be in the hosptial for it as it can turn into quite a serious condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. I was told that if you throw up more than once and can't keep anything down to see the Doctor asap or go to the hospital as becoming dehydrated can lead to further problems. Eating before getting out of bed - even a cracker can sometimes settle your stomach, as can some antacids if the problem can be excess bile with the lack of eating causing the sickness. The other thing I found that settled my stomach was sipping flat coke, either put a spoonful of sugar in it or add a little water and take small sips regulalry. Eating small meals regualrly is your best bet - snack in between meals with fruit or anything that will stay down to stop your stomach getting empty can often help. Hopefully this will cease in the next few weeks for you.


Happymommy - October 30

Sometimes dr's will also prescribe a prenatal vitamin that is mainly folic acid and no iron because iron can often cause that nausea. Then in the 2nd tri or when things calm down a bit you can go to a regular prenatal.


Astra - October 30

I feel for you Shiva, I remember that nasea. What helped me was sipping ginger ale and eating ginger candies. At the very begining fruit were my only food source. Sometimes I also drank gatorade or vitamin water because it was easier to tolerate than water and helps against dehydrations. There is medicine for sure, my friend took it and I think if you continue like this you should be prescribed some too. Good luck and let us know how you are feeling.


mama keya - October 30

Hi Shiva let me just start by saying I FEEL YOUR PAIN I am pregnant with baby # 4 but, my first 3 pregnancies I was just like that I actually was hospitalize for dehydration with baby #1. I threw up everything water, cereal, meats, vegetables, bread, milk everything. Mines lasted with all three all the way up to delivery. I did find something to help keep some foods down. Not everything stayed down but I was able to eat and keep some foods down. And I thank GOD every morning that this one my last and finale pregnancy I did not get sick. So this is what worked for me Sour Patch kids Candy or the worms, or Salted Pretzles, early in the moening before I actually got out of bed and thru out the day. I don't know why but it worked for me maybe it will for you and ice chips was a good way for me to get water. I know every body is diffrent but I was in your shoes 3 times before. Good luck. Keya


Shiva - October 30

Thanks ladies for replying I am feeling really good to have you all answering me. I got the fear of getting dehydrate and started eating anything and trying not to throw. I just bought one orange juice and it feels good now. I hope I will keep this on my stomach. Thanks for the suggestions!!! You all have Happy & Healthy pregnency time!!!!!!


hopeful24 - October 30

Shiva, I can safely say I know what you are going through. I was terribly sick during from first trimester, exactly what you are describing. There are three medications that can be used to treat nausea and vomiting while pregnant (FTAN, phenegran, and Zofran). I have been on all three and am 26 weeks pregnant. I have found that Nilla wafers are good for me. Also, I drink a lot of Ensure simply because I know that I am getting the nutrients the baby needs. Whatever you do try and stay hydrated. I have already been to the ER twice to get fluids for constant vomiting. Good luck and I would ask the doctor again for a prescription


sarah21 - October 31

Please get some phenergen suppositories. It will make your life so much easier! Tell your Dr. what's going on and they will take care of it.


KRISTINA - October 31

I only felt a little sick and never actually threw-up. but motherhood sells preggy pops. They are little candys that you suck on and they can take some of the nausea away. Dont know if it will help for severe nausea though, but it might be worth a try.


Shiva - November 1

Thanks for all the suggestions friends!! I am feeling much much better today and I have another question since I can have simple water down so I bought 'Snapple Iced Lemon tea' It says Real Brewed and Ingred:- Water, High Fructcose, corn syrup, citric acid, tea, natural flavour. What do you think is it good to have for me its not Diet one. Please reply me if anyone knows!!!!


Shiva - November 1

Sorry I meant to say that I am not able to drink simple water....



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