I Am Really Concerned

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mom-to-be - November 6

Alright, I am 17 weeks pregnant, and not showing at all.. I am already a big person... so of course i have a lot of fat :( Please dont make fun of me! Well, I dont feel like my stomach is getting round at all... I have seen people about my size and they are showing.. I am worried that my baby isnt growing right or something... I havnt gained any weight either... please someone help me


ROBYN - November 6

I am just 23 weeks pregnant and my 2nd child my son is 9 years old and i am barely showing. You will start to show eventually i wouldnt worry. My 1st pregnancy i didnt show till i was almost 7 months. Some people just dont show as quickly as others and i am one of them too. Have you had any u/s? As long as the baby is doing what it needs to and the doc isnt concerned dont worry.


mom-to-be - November 6

I had my last ultrasound at 9 weeks... So its been a while since I have gotten to see my baby, which is where most the concern is coming from I am sure... I dont like having to go so long without seeing my baby..... I am in tears right now, I almost feel like my baby is being kept from me by NOT being able to see it :'( I just cant wait 3 more weeks, I really cant!!! I am a constant worrier... so this isnt good I know :(


Chris1975 - November 6

Hey mom-to-be. I agree with Robyn that some women show differently. Short and long torso areas can make a difference to how you show, and also, every persons makeup is different. LIke Robyn said, many women dont show until 7 mths, but some might show at 5 mths! I know i couldnt wait to start showing, and only recently in past week or two (am 23wks) have i noticed distinct lines in shape of a curved rounded ball in my tummy area...before then it just looked like i was getting even fatter! hehe. It gets worse when i eat too as my tummy sticks out above my belly b___ton! eww. To ease your mind until your next appointment, you could hire a doppler to regularly listen to your babes heartbeat. That set my mind at ease until i had my 19wk u/s and also until i felt kicking , which was around 18wks. My 19wk u/s showed my baby at 17cms from head to rump, and i couldnt understand where on earth it was fitting (and then there was the legs to consider!), as at that stage, i wasnt showing more than a fatty bump under my belly. Try not to worry :) Tho i think it comes in hand with being pregnant! hehe


tish212 - November 6

also...since u said u ae bigger...u don't have to gain weight to sustain the baby..(please don't take that the wrong way) ur body can shift weight around from the rest of ur body to ur stomach...which might explain why u haven't gained any weight.... I know the fear between each u/s and they do rent dopplers which r great so u can listen to ur babies hb whenever u feel worried...and once ur little one starts kicking hard ull feel better.... and the ladies here are right some people don't show until later on.... I'm sure ur baby I fine...and I know that doesn't help ease ur mind much....u can also get the bebe monitor at rite aid and toys r us...I'm not sure how well it works but its only $20 ... try to relax I know its scary.... :)


Gemini_Girl - November 7

Hi, Im 27wks and a plus size, and carry the weight mostly around my belly, to me the extra layers make my baby bump look HUGE! I started to show quite early on, and it was as if my fat bits changed shape to become a huge bump, its not actually a good thing being even bigger and you get constant "is it twins?" but it did make me feel better that I looked pregnant and not just fat anymore lol honestly please dont worry, some ladies just dont put on much extra weight or change shape till much later on, im sure the next few weeks will fly in and you will get to see your little one! oh and also, I didnt start feeling movement till about wk 23, im not sure if this was due to my extra layers but maybe...


jennifer_33106 - November 7

I just wanted to say that you do have to gain weight but not as much as someone who is smaller. My friend who is pregnant was told by her doctor that he would be content with her gaining 15-19 lbs for the whole pgy. So while you do have to gain weight you dont have to gain as much which is nice!! Also if you plan on BFing, I have heard that the pounds melt off faster. And like everyone else said, different women show differently. You will begin to show and you wil lgain weight. You have to. The baby gets bigger, the sac gets bigger you carry more water around. ect. They do say that there is diet better then pregnancy because all at once you lose like 10 lbs. haha GL hun!!


sarah21 - November 7

Well I am 20.5 weeks now and have a fairly small baby bump myself. I too started out a little heavy, but I have lost 15 pounds since I've been pregnant. I'm sure everything is fine. Are they checking your uterine height at your appointments? I'll bet it's right where it should be. Check it out yourself and see if you can feel where your uterus is. It shouldn't be too far below your belly b___ton now, maybe about 3 finger widths below. I'm sure our bellies will catch up with us soon.



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