I Am So Excited

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Newhoneybuns - May 25

Well hospital called me today and i'm having my ultrasound tomorrow so i am very excited and cant wait to see if it's a boy or a girl and hopefully we will be able to see :) Boyfriend said the baby is only gonna show his butt cause we cant wait to know lol


JESS1980 - May 25

Congratulations! Ultrasounds are very exciting! Try drinking a caffeinated soda or orange juice before your ultrasound. The sugar should get the baby moving around and hopefully you'll be able to tell the s_x. I drank a Pepsi before my ultrasound, and during the middle of it our baby rolled over a spread his legs! :-) There was no mistaking that it was BOY! Good Luck!


preggosauce - May 25

I just had my ultrasound on Monday and wanted to share something the tech told me. I mentioned to her that I drank some sugary lemonade before I'd gone to the ultrasound to get the baby moving, and she looked and me and said she wished I wouldn't have done that. I asked her why, and she said because if you load the baby up with caffine and sugar sometimes it gets the baby all tweeked out and they get wrong readings. She's told me to tell everyone I knew that was preggo NOT to do that. She said even some women would drink a red bull before going in. Maybe all techs are different...just wanted to share what mine said.


Newhoneybuns - May 25

Thanks to both for the advice but i think i will follow pregosauce's one cause if i drink anything with caffeine i wont be able to hold myself i'll always be running to the bathroom lol thanks girls :)


18wbabynov - May 25

can you drink orange juice then? no caffeine in that?? and ive been told that gets the baby moving. would that still work without the whole cafeine buzz?


emilymalm - May 25

I drank a large cup of orange juice, protein bar, and a 1/4 of a can of dr. pepper before my ultrasound. He was moving around a lot but not to the point of preventing the tech from getting the measurements and angles she needed. He was quite the wiggle worm though.


SuzieQ - May 25

I drank a can of caffeine free coke (with 42 g of sugar!) before my appt and little one slept right through most of it!


Newhoneybuns - May 26

ITS A GIRL !!!!!!!!! 100 % sure it's a girl. God it was so nice to see her move in there and she is all the mesurements she should be and the doctor said we had a very nice baby ! yay :)


lexa - May 26

A huge congrats to you newhoneybuns!!! It's healthy that matters most:-) Did you think girl or boy? Just curious if you had any inkling before going in.


Newhoneybuns - May 27

i alwasy thought it was a girl


Erynn21 - May 27

I had my u/s @ 19wks. and found out we were having a girl, I knew all along. We had a darn good look and we certainly didn't see any "boy"parts. I didn't do the whole sugar thing I had read that on here, I didn't want my baby to be spazzing out, she just moved around for awhile, sucked her thumb(that was so cool) and then fell asleep. I had visions of her legs being crossed, but I also had a dream that the u/s tech handed me a peice of paper that said girl. Congratulations!


HannahBaby - May 27

Hope it stays a girl for you. My girl friend had a baby a month ago, she has 3 US all said definatly girl and lo and behold she had a boy. Good luck


Newhoneybuns - May 27

Mine had her foot on top of one another (legs slightly crossed) and had her hands under her b___t lol At once it was like she waved at us it was so darn cute.



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