I Am So Scared Any Advice I Dont Know What To Do

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TRACCY - July 3

I am 17 .1 weeks today and went to my perinatologist..I was up in the air about having the amnio and up to this point my doctor kept saying no medical reason to do it other than being 35......All screening and blood test test have been normal.....They did a sono a detailed one and checked the baby..The doc measured everything...He said the femur was normal but the brain had 2 echo foci spots something with the BPD....i think it was just the spots............the doc said that increases the risk for downs syndrome....he looked at the nosal bridge alot but didnt mention anything being abnormal there..He just said about the 2 spots..He said that babies have them---but when they are before 20 weeks its an increased sign on DS..DOC also said my first AFP put me at a lower risk but the second was a little higher but still within normal range..But since it was a little higher it increases my risks.......................Well i had the amnio...that was the worst ferw mins of my life..Not horrible but unconfortable.like someone taking blood very rough even though my doc was gentle.............I was so nervous so that didnt help.but its done and i am taking it easy now for 24 hours.......i am going NUTS>>>>>>>> i dont know what to do.............has anyone had this and a heatlhy baby???????.i dont know what to do I dont know if i can take care of a sick baby....we tried so hard to get preg but i have 2 other kids and how would this effect all of us????????? i dont know what to do i am sooo depressed someone help..................


FinallyPreggers - July 3

TRACCY, there's no point in worrying until the results come back. Having said that, I'd be worrying (I worry all the time). I haven't had an amnio. Aren't there some results that can come back quickly (in a couple of days) and then others that take a week or two? Did he say when the results will come? Do you have a long weekend? Please try to relax. That's best for both of you. I'll keep you in my prayers.


schreck - July 3

I know someone that was told their child was going to be DS. I don't know if they had the amnio or u/s but their child was born perfectly healthy. I hope this helps a little.


TRACCY - July 3

hello finally preggers congrats and i hope you preg is going well..I am a worry wart but i am tryig not to..U are 100 percent right it does no good to worry....thanks schreck that did help i been hearing quite a few stories like that..I just keep thinking what my dad said today..>GOD only gives us what we can handle..thank you alotttt xoxoxxox


TRACCY - July 3

oh yeah finally preggers they told me i would know monday if the baby has DS...you are right though the other test wont be back for 10 days i think...lots of love


FinallyPreggers - July 7

TRACCY, any news?


TRACCY - July 7

hello everyone...Finally pregger I just got the results this afternoon i didnt get to the comp yet and when i did i saw your comment and i really appreciated it..EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!! the results were normal...thanks so much for all your support ..I am so happy....Ihope your preg is going well..How far along are you?? lots of love



hi traccy im now 17wks pregnant and just got that blood test done for down syndrome i never had it done with my last 3 kids the doctor just gave me the blood test out of the blue and i have not had a ultra sound done since i was 9wks but nothing was mentioned that any thing was wrong and now reading your post its worried me just a little i have had 3 healthy babys i hope nothing is wrong this time round i have an appointment on thursday so wish me luck


FinallyPreggers - July 8

TRACCY that's fabulous news!!! Amberbaby4, i hope your test goes well too. I'm 20.5 weeks. We had the blood test done at 15/16 weeks and got the results a few days ago. The results came back so small for any problems, so we are happy now. Are you feeling movement yet? At exactly 18 weeks, I got a very distinct kick and now I can feel baby move all the time. I agree with lots of women on the board - that's the best part!


Carly67 - July 8

Glad everything is fine!



yes im just starting to feel flutters in my stomach but no kicks its as if its doing summer saults in my belly but any feeling is a good feeling im sure you all would think the same good luck to you all



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