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Nervousmommy2b - November 7

I have not had an U/S since I was 6 weeks. My dr. has the next one scheduled for 18 weeks. Everytime I go see her the visit lasts for about 5 minutes. She listens for the heart beat and thats it. I hear it everytime so everything should be ok right? Should I be worried that she is waiting so long between U/S?


joy28 - November 7

Hi Nervousmommy... I was having the same worries... check my topic "Late ultrasound!"


melissa w. - November 7

not at all i had to wait till 20 1/2 weeks and that is normal!! if ur doc thinks something is wrong they will do one sooner but as long as ur healthy and the baby is ok then there is no reason.... hang in there hun i know it's tough!!!!


sarah21 - November 7

Nope. They can tell all they need to by the baby's heartrate. As long as it's normal, there is no need to bombard the baby with anything else. The heartrate tells them that everything is going according to plan. You're just fine. :D


Nervousmommy2b - November 7

Thank you so much ladies! I appreciate the help! :) Good luck to you all.


beardtl - November 8

I know how you feel- I havent seen my baby since 7 1/2 wks and I still have another month before i get another u/s-i'll be 20 wks then. I have another appt Monday where they will just listen to the heartbeat and take my weight- (i spend more time in the waiting room than I do with the dr) Thankfully i have a fetal doppler and I listen to the heartbeat everyday so I don't worry as much but I think i am going to be sooo surprised how big my baby is when I go in Dec- hopefully we'll find out the s_x too :)Don't worry----thankfully we don't require extra testing and u/s- sounds like everything is right on course- I really wish though that we could pay for an extra u/s.


cfuller - November 12

The docs don't usually do an ultrasound unless they think something is wrong. In the beginning of my pregnancy I had one done every week from weeks 7-12 because my 1st preg ended in m/c and this preg I bled hardcore at week 8 so they wanted to keep a closer eye on my baby this time around. After my 12 week visit i didnt get another u/s until I was 23 weeks and I had another one at 28 weeks to measure baby and see her progress. I am 30 weeks now and everything is going great! Don't worry, I doubt there is anything wrong with your baby :-)


kazforrest - November 13

I have a monthly check up and ultrasound with a level 2 ultrasound every six weeks.This is my first im 21 weeksbut I have had about 8 Ultrasounds. I would go mad not knowing how things are going. The ultrasounds are totally harmless and do give me peace of mind


Rainbowbrite - November 13

I just want to say first of all that you're lucky you got an ultrasound so early on! I didn't get any ultrasound at all until i was 18+ weeks and that is the only ultrasound i've been giving! And that was the BIG ultrasound. I do not think i even get another ultrasound unless they think something may be wrong. So the fact you got one so early on is great for you- Looking at it from my view! Even if it is to do excess monitoring!



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