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pomny143 - October 18

Please help! I thought that going into my second trimester would help with the way that I have been feeling. Physically, I feel better, but emotionally...well let's just say I could easily hurt someone without warning. lol. I have been more and more forgetful lately, actually forgeting meetings and losing my train of thought midsentence. I'm going nuts! It just feels like no one can possibly understand but you girls. I am up one minute and down the next. It feels like pregnancy has caused me to become bipolar for crying out loud! I feel for my son. He's trying so hard to be helpful to me, and sometimes I feel like I get overwhelmed with fatigue and take things out on him. Just writing and telling you this is making me cry. Is anyone feeling this way or do I need to lock myself away for the next couple of months to protect my loved ones from my crazy pregnancy wrath? Help!


swollenangel - October 19

Hi Pomny! sorry to hear about what you going thru and i hope i can help you out! With regards to the forgetfulness, maybe you should try taking an Omega 3&6 supplement - it has really helped me so far (23wks now) ... I've been taking these (besides the prenatal) since about 14wks and can honestly say that 'preggo brain' has rarely (if never) happened so far (touch wood) reason being is that your brain shrinks about 3% during pregnancy cos the baby takes your brains nutrients during the development - so the Omega3&6 helps reduce that. With regards to the faitgue - i totally understand!! I just seemed to get more and more tired during the 2nd trimester... up until a few days ago and i seemed to have found that missing energy again - so i can say that it does get better... eventually!! Otherwise, maybe you should start excersing (light, of course) i have read that a few light excersises can help with energy levels and also moods - i havent really tried it myself yet.. but i dont see any harm in trying anyway! Hope that helps a little! Good luck and hope you feel better soon =))


Astra - October 19

Yesterday I found myself to be very cranky. I was getting annoyed about things for no reason and just feeling b___hy in general. Luckily I was home by myself so I didn't take it out on anyone. I figured out later that I was upset because I've started to feel big like a Moose. My center of gravity is changing and I hate the way my body feels because of it. I completely relate to the fatigue. Even though it's not as bad as it was for me in the first trimester, by the evening I'm finished, the last couple of hours of the day I can't do anything I'm so tired. Iight excercise does sound good and maybe some fresh air too. Good luck, you are not alone...


corbin289 - October 19

I feel the same way. I was like this when I was pregnant with my dd also. I feel like I have way to much female hormone going on. I dont know if this ones a girl yet but I feel the same way. Not that you want to hear this but with dd I was like this until the end :( I have no idea how to make it better but I think I'm going to try to find a prenatal yoga cla__s. In the past yoga has really helped with stress. I also just try to tell myself its not the other person its just my hormones and I need to relax. Hang in there and hopefully it will get better!!


pomny143 - October 19

Thanks guys! I knew SOMEONE would understand. I am going to look into that preg yoga thing. It sounds reaaly good for both myself and the baby. I just feel like everything if off lately and needed someone to tell me it was ok. You guys are the best!



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