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charlotte - April 18

help I am eating 3 main meals and 3 snacks a day and get so hungry in between... my tummy rumbles and gets so painful, i am trying hard not to eat more than i should. ANY ADVICE......


Sarah Anne - April 18

Thats how I am!! If I dont eat I am always hungry!!!!! All I do now is eat, but I am eating healthy foods. I cant stand going around hearing my belly growl! Its embarra__sing! The only thing that im not sure about is right after I eat my stomach still growls! I dont know what to do about that!!!...?


Jbear - April 19

Be glad you have an appet_te. I have to force myself to eat, and the only thing I'm hungry for is salad and ranch dressing, which I usually hate.


Audrea - April 19

My stomach also makes noises all the time wether I have just eaten or it is growling due to hunger. This is a wierd thing for me too. Unlike u, I have to force myself to eat and all the things I used to eat I can't stomach anymore. I was already a finicky eater.


Julie - April 19

I'm 17 wks. How far along are you all? I am not that hungry really...


Beth - April 19

I am 21 weeks and just last night I finally started to feel what you are talking about! I ate dinner, not a very big portion and then we went on a walk, I swear the walk worked up an appet_te, I came home and was starving. I had a granola bar and then was going to bed and was hungry again so I had a poptart and milk! I don't know what to do!!


Kara - April 19

My appet_te has really picked up too. I'm 18 weeks, and have 3 main meals a day, sometimes 4, and snacks in between! I especially get hungry after dinner before bed, so i just eat whenever i feel like it, as long as it's healthy stuff, i think you can't go wrong. (I was also underweight at start of pregnancy so have a bit to make up) Your body is telling you it needs extra energy and nutrients so listen!


Sophia - April 19

Don't worry. Being hungry is natural when you are feeding two! I would be glad just to have the nausea go away so I can eat as much as I want to...


mandy~ - April 20

i noticed by 19wks i was hungry alot more, i have cravings for hot chips and gravy *drools* LOL i cant help it i cant get enough, i might go cook some now that i think of it :D


Maria - April 20

I am going through the same thing!! I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and almost always hungry!! After a main meal, I feel full and ready to burst, then not even an hour later, I would be starving again!! Ahh!!!


nelly - April 20

I am 27 weeks now and just now starting to get really hungry I can eat a whole meal and an hour later I am starving I am always snacking on something. I haven,t had any weird cravings have any of you?


Sarah Anne - April 20

The only bad craving I have had was when I was in my 1st trimester. I craved fish like crazy! I guess my body was needing something!


Kerry - April 27

I can't stop eating. I wake up2-3 times a night to eat. I'm always hungry. Doc says it's normal, but I'm worried about gaining too much weight.


Kristy - April 29

I am aslo getting hungrier more often, if I dont eat something every 3 hours or so I feel like c___p! I am 14 weeks pregnant now.


Jen - May 3

I am 21 weeks and Oh My Gosh I feel like I have an endless pit of a stomach!!! I eat and then I am hungry again =o) I often find too that just like PMS I want salty then sweet. I wish I could stop the growls too! I wonder if you don't eat, if your baby gets mad?? I figure what the heck just eat, as long as you try for healthy 90% of the time. Besides we aren't pregnant forever so endulge a little =0)


charlotte - May 4

I am still so hungry, I wonder if it is just my tummy playing tricks on me, how much more can I eat with out adding to my thighs, I have found that a low fat bannana milk shake helps, also I have a large gla__s of water before I eat that seems to help as well. I have also started keeping healthy snacks by the bed.



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