I Am VERY Upset Please Help

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going nuts - June 17

I am so scared! I am about 14 weeks and started my period (have been having them). Is there any way possible of the baby being able to come out in my blood? I seen something that kinda of looked like what a fetus would have looked like. It felt really weird when it came out, too!!!! Please help me! I am going to drive myself crazy!!!!!!


rae - June 17

go to the Doc right away


going nuts - June 17

so it is possible that it was my baby?


C - June 17

It does not sound "normal" at all - call your doctor or go the hospital asap!!!


Justine - June 17

You should go to the hospital and get checked out asap. If you get anymore clots you should save them and take them so the doctors can examine them and see what they are. I've bled 10 times and been fine so it maybe fine but pa__sing clots is one thing they tell you to watch out for. I have heard of people pa__sing clots and being fine - only a scan at the hospital can tell you. Hope everything works out for you.


going nuts - June 17

Thanks! I am fine! My dad told me that I shouldnt have to worry since my mother had the same thing with all five of her kids! Since I have been feeling my baby move, I felt it moving around today just the same as it has been! I took matters in to God's hands also! I figured since my dad said it was more than likely fine, id pray to make sure! lol, and I am fine! I have just been really worried about everything since this is my 1st baby!!!! I havent had anymore cluts, and my blood is very very light, so that makes me happy!


Kelly - June 17

I still do not think that that is normal. I would definetly see the DOC ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marivic - June 17

I have to agree with everyone else here. While I think faith and a belief system are all well and good, nothing replaces solid knowledge. Granted, there's nothing Dr.'s can really do if you have a threatened miscarriage, I would definitely get it checked out. Whether or not you've actually miscarried at 14 weeks, pa__sing clots is NOT normal and NEEDS to be checked out. Not to be too graphic, but you may have expelled the fetus and not the placenta, in which case you'd have infection to worry about. If you're still pregnant with the fetus (and I hope to God you are) you have to find out what on earth you ARE pa__sing! In the unfortunate event you have miscarried, you might want to do testing to determine the cause of such a late miscarriage. I really wish you all the best, and nothing against your father or God, but to answer your question YES it IS possible that that was the baby that came out. I hope for you and your baby's sake you get some medical attention and some answers. Best of luck.


Tami - June 17

I think it is good that you have faith and are praying and stuff, but you need to see a doctor! Doctors have been educated in this sort of thing and will be able to give you advice about what is happening. Keep praying but see a doctor.


to going nuts - June 17

'Going Nuts', you have to go to the doctor right away. It is not normal at all to pa__s things that are big enough to look like a 14 week old fetus. And many times you wouldn't even be able to feel a baby move at this stage. I'm sure Dad knows a lot of things but he is not a gyno. Please get help right away.


Misty - June 17

I agree with everyone here, you really need to at least call your doctor and let him/her know what happened. There could be some other sort of medical problem going on that might cause you to miscarry if it isn't taken care of. What you described is not a normal healthy thing to have happen and you really do need to call and talk to your doctor.


Mary Jane - June 19

Ladies- Although I do agree with you all about this situation, I think that we should encourage 'Going Nuts' faith that she has!! I say we all help her and believe with her! I am, and I encourage you all to do the same! Anyway, I am new to this post, and I am eighteen weeks prenate.


Sarah - June 20

I understand your point Mary Jane, but faith and prayer should never replace a medical opinion or diagnosis - especially if you're pa__sing clots while you're pregnant. That is a big deal and needs to be looked at by a professional.



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