I Can See My Belly Move When She Kicks Me

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JessC531 - March 10

I'm just about 20 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and I've been feeling kicks for about 3 weeks now. Today she was kicking me a lot, and hard! I decided to watch my belly, just to see if I could see anything since I can feel it with my hand, and my belly poked out when she kicked! It was crazy!!! I've never seen anything like it! And she's still so tiny... I can just imagine what it will be like a few months from now! I'm going to have foot and handprints coming through my belly! LOL.


jodie - March 11

Lol!! Thats so fun isn't it!! As she gets bigger you'll be able to guess where she is facing at if she's kicking or punching. When I was preg with ds his little booty always seemed to rest right above my belly b___ton. Then I would watch and see and arm wave by...it's sooo crazy! My little girl is moving tons to now, I just don't see it on the outside yet. Thanks to ds I have a lovely layer of left over fat that sheilds me from seeing the movements..hehehe!


squished - March 11

That's cool! I wish I could see that. My dh can't feel the kicks yet and I'm just over 21w. Sometimes this little one is all about beating me up and then it's quiet for a couple of days.


Kime - March 12

Ya i can see my little girl kick too. Im 23 weeks and she kicks like a soccer player now it's great. My belly just kinda jumps around. Sometimes she kicks so hard it scares me b/c im not expecting it. And she always wait until i have to pee and then she starts to kick my bladder, how fun. She knows how to get me running i guess


JessC531 - March 13

I haven't been kicked in the bladder yet. What does that feel like? Just a sudden urge to pee? :)


Vluisam - March 13

It's very much a sudden urge to pee. That's one of my biggest complains these days. I'm 27 weeks and I have to pee a ton lately. I wake up 7 times a night just to pee....lol


aliciavr6 - March 13

I'm 27w and see her moving all the time, my entire abdomen morphs into different shapes as she moves, definitely the coolest part of pregnancy so far... except when I want to sleep and she won't stop kicking. :)


Allisonc79 - March 14

It's hard to imagine what this will feel like in later on, when she is bigger. Her kicks are getting stronger and she is starting to punch too. She started punching me in a ticklish spot tonight and I was so startled I kind of yelped. Then she stopped as if it kinda scared her too. lol


Kristin11 - March 14

I am 35 1/2 weeks ladies, enjoy the little kicks while you can. My son kicks so hard now sometimes that it actually makes me jump. He is head down and tends to love to shove his foot under my rib cage. It hurts but hey it will be worth it when he gets here. Its also funny to see how deformed my stomach looks because he favors my riht side and tends to sit there. You can definetly tell too.


lawlady72 - March 14

I love that part, can't wait until I get there so DD can actually see what I feel.



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