I Can T Walk

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carol23 - February 27

Where I work, I am on my feet for at least 5 or 6 hours. I also run around a lot. I have been trying to take it easy, but it's so hard. After I get home from work, i sit down or lay down for a while because I'm so tired. Well, when i get up, i can't walk. It's as if someone is stabbing me where my thigh meets my hip. It also causes me to get a shooting pain from the bottom of my right butt cheek, to my lower back. I'm 13 weeks by the way. This started about 2 weeks ago. My next doctors appt. isn't until March 23rd. Should I schedule an appt. before that, or is this common. It only happens when I'm on my feet a lot during the day. When i'm at home resting on a day off, this does NOT happen at all.


Hello Carol - February 27

I had the same thing. It was my sciatic nerve being pinched by my growing uterus. It eased up in the 5th month when baby shifts more forward. Heating pad helped me alot. Good luck to you.


Celine - February 27

Around 14 weeks or so I had the same thing too. Sciatic nerve! I regularly go to the Chiropractor and after a few adjustments over 2 weeks or so it eased up and has stopped since! I'm hoping it doesn't come back as it was very painful.


livdea - February 27

sound like me too, just in the past week have I been feeling better. I still have a little pain but definitely not as bad, thank goodness. Try to take a little tylenol when it's really bad and ice kinda helps too. also I did a lot of stretching...don't know if it helped the nerve pain but it helped keep everything else limber. good luck!


ga2bme - February 27

I would definately try a chiropractor. I love mine and the adjustments helped both my headaches and my sciatic problems! I know some people are afraid to use them but don't be. I work for one and it's totally safe. They are professionals and will not do anything to hurt baby! Good Luck!


livdea - February 27

oh, I was going to say that too! go to a chiropractor! I too work for one and go twice a week. some times he freaks me out by how he "crunches" me but, there is NO harm done and I swear it has helped!


Deb - February 27

I have a similar problem but it is not my sciatic nerve, it is the nerve above the sciatic nerve. When I stand for 10 minutes or more, my left leg gets really sore and then it goes numb! My doctor said that it is common in 2nd tri for nerves to be pinched as your back muscles learn to compensate for the weight going on in front. She has me sitting most of the time, now, which isn't the easiest since I am a teacher and I have found heat to be helpful too.



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