I Cant Find Stuff That Fits ARGHHH

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suze42 - January 19

I am so frustrated w/my clothes!!! I bought some maternity jeans and they are too tight in the waist when I sit...they cut into my lower belly. So I just went to Target and size 10 were swimming on me so I bought size 8, but again, when I sit they cut into my lower ab. But when I stand they are perfect. Then I bought a bigger bra, since all of mine are strangling me...and its uncomfy too!! Im trying not to wear sloppy stuff ALL the time, but its hard to find stuff at this stage. Im just 14 wks...so belly is too big for normal pants except for sweats. I cant wait for Spring, Im gonna live in capris, flip flops and big T-shirts...thats how I did it w/DS4. This winter clothing is for the birds! :)


kim d - January 19

im 14wks too, and i feel the exact same way!!! sweat pants forever!!! everyone thought i was crazy for wanting to be pg through the summer, but dressing seems like it would be so much easier then!! lots of flowy tank tops and stuff, where it doesnt matter if your bump hangs out a bit!! we just got round two of winter where i live so looks like i'll be miserable for a while longer!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

i'm 13 weeks...i too tried on the size 10 at target and they were like a tent....but found some that have an adjustable waistband so i could tighten it a lot! love them!!! they're still baggy but comfy....and i'm with kim...sweats all the way!!!!!!!!!!


lily10 - January 19

I have some maternity pants from old navy and gap that are meant for the first and second trimesters. The front b___tons like regular pants and they actually fit pretty well. I know what you mean about being at this stage and having a really hard time finding clothes that fit. I'm almost 17 weeks so maternity clothes are starting to fit much better. I highly recommend getting a nice pair of yoga pants, there still in the sweats category as far as comfort and you can wear them out and not feel so sloppy.


aliciavr6 - January 19

I know I wont be able to find pants that fit me, so I ordered a bella band, so I can just leave my regular jeans unb___toned. Maybe you could look into those, they hold your pants up and hide that they are unb___toned, and just looks like you are wearing a shirt underneath. My jeans are super low rise so I haven't had to wear them unb___toned yet, but I think soon.


c_baer19 - January 19

I'm looking into getting the roll panel-type maternity jeans once I start getting too big to fit into mine (they are very low-rise, so they sit under my belly slightly and are cooperating for now, lol) - they seem to be more usable for the whole pregnancy.


tiramisu - January 19

Hey Ladies. At 5'4'' and now 110 pounds at 16 weeks, it was impossible to find clothes that would fit properly. I checked out Gap maternity and that was a major disappointment as everything was huge/baggy. I did find relief in those belly bands, which covered my unb___toned jeans but the BEST 174.00 i spent were on citizens of humanity maternity jeans. I practically live in these jeans and i'm about to buy another pair (as I work in the advertising industry and can't lounging in leggings or sweats..boohoo). If you don't mind spending a lil extra, i highly recommend these or Maternity Seven jeans. the band goes right over the belly and theres no zipper/b___tons. really awesome!!


suze42 - January 19

Tira, $174.00!!! That is ALOT for maternity jeans...Im sure they fit great though! Kim, I definitely found it alot easier to dress for the summer months. My last pg , I delievered in Sept...so I didnt have to buy any winter clothes...It was great...no socks, long pants or bulky layers. I lived in flip flops which is great when you get really BIG and bloated! Plus the summer clothes are super cute. Hang in there...in a few months we can transition.


aliciavr6 - January 19

Yeah I wouldn't even spend half that on REGULAR jeans that I can wear longer than 4 months haha.


c_baer19 - January 19

Lol Suze, I am so excited for summer so I can wear tank tops again. It is FREEZING here, and I hate having to bundle up! Plus, I can't wear capris or cargo pants or anything - there's no way they'd keep me warm!


Crystal Star - January 19

I know how it is nopt to fit into any of my slothes either. I am 16 weeks and again nothing fits right. I practically get cute sweat pants or jogging pants and wear them all the time. I love them and recommand them for everyone!!! Good Luck!!!


amb5879 - January 19

I am almost 16 weeks and there is no way my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me! But why do they make maternity clothes sooooo big??? I found a cute pair of jeans at Old Navy but any shirt looks like a tent on me still!!! I don't care much for this inbetween stage!


mami_p - January 20

I hear you Suze...I'm 17wks and everything is fine when I'm standing but once I sit I think up cutting the poor girls life support off. I agree with the winter clothing being for the birds - I have 2 fall babies - can't wait till spring


jessica72 - January 20

Nobody mentioned skirts. Are there any cute maternity skirts out there? I know it's cold right now, but in Texas we can usually get away with a cute skirt and some nice colored tights. I haven't been able to find anything in the skirt dpt. Ditto on the love for yoga pants. They still look cute under shirts. Also, I found a pair of gauchos in the regular sizes area. They already had an elastic waist band, but they have that cute flowy material and they fit nicely. Might be better for spring, though if you live in arctic zones.


suze42 - January 21

I kinda like skirts in the summer, but the only thing is my thighs rub together when Im pg! LOL...its not even uncomfy, it just reminds me how fat Im getting!!! My Target jeans arent working...they shimmy down as I move around..so taking them back and going to a maternity boutique. Im gonna get one good pair of pants/jeans to get me thru this blasted cold weather! (snowing 5 inches tonight YAY) Until then i guess I will just live in sweats and big shirts. Im a blob.


Allisonc79 - January 21

I've seen Seven for All Mankind maternity on ebay for about 50 dollars. When I get bigger rest a__sured I will be getting those, they not only are comfortable but are very flattering too! They make your bunns look perky, lol.


LinsTwin - January 21

A warning on the pricey maternity jeans: BUY BIGGER. I live in jeans and can't wear sweats to work, so I sprung the $210 apiece for 2 pairs of 7 Jeans from A Pea in the Pod (1 A-Pocket & 1 Dojo). I absolutely love them, BUT... I'm usually 5' tall 105lbs and wear a size 27. So as recommended, I bought one size up, a 28, in the maternity jeans. I'm 25 wks now and up 23 lbs. While the jeans still fit great walking around, when you sit, the part right where the denim meets the elastic band jabs into your belly, making it quite uncomfortable to sit or drive for long periods of time. So now I've found myself picking up a bunch of stretchy twill pants & cargo pants, since almost every pair of maternity jeans I have (at least 10) seem to jab me in the gut. So if you're gonna spend the money on the awesome-fitting Citizens or 7 jeans, you might want to buy a little baggy at this point. If I had it to do over, I'd buy the 29's. Hope this helps!



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