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renaye - November 26

hay how many of you hate people you dont know touching you just becouse im carrying it does not mean they can touch me but i dont want to be to rude and say somr thing like (PISS OFF DONT TOUCH ME) ~what do you do when they touch your belly


AngelinLuv - November 26

I feel the same way but I try to take it in good faith. People just love babies and baby bellies. I don't even like family members touching me, except for hubby. I love my space bubble. I will just normally smile and try not to let it get to me. Luckily I didn't show very early so I didn't have this in my first & second tri's.


ashley.xoxo - November 26

lol, I can't stand people I know touching it, drives me bonkers but I try to be nice about it


sarah21 - November 26

I haven't had people touching my belly except for friends and family. I make sure I tell them it's okay with me that they touch it, because I really don't mind. I've heard a good remedy, though, is reaching out and touching the other person's belly so they realize how offensive it can be.


renaye - November 26

lol sarah that is real good i will try that


Mel Page - November 27

This has happened to me a few times too, I think I'm gonna start touching them aswell...he he he he , would love to see the expresions on their faces LOL. But everybody in my family knows that I dont mind if you just ask me first, I mean it's still my body right???


RMC - November 27

I hate it too, only I hate when anyone touches me, even people I know! Lol.


goldfish - November 28

do people do that? i never had any such encounters


Faye84 - November 29

Ive had that happen, you know what i did? I reached over and started to pet their belly, they never did it again.


xvkx - November 29

You're definitely not alone on that one. I don't like anyone touching me unless it's something like a hug or a handshake (with the exception of my mom, grandmother, and SO, lol) so people rubbing my belly without even asking permission to touch me really irks me. I just want to scream at them to hold their horses until the baby is actually *out* of my belly, hehe. But yah, no harm is meant by it, so you just kinda gotta grin and bear it.


tish212 - December 4

I am from the third tri board due this month but I like to read other boards and answer the questions I can....I am a personal space person as we'll so my mil got me a shirt that says touch my tummy...lose ur hands. lol its great. however one day at the grocery store this creepy guy reached out to touch my stomach and said make it move...I looked at him crossly and said I'm having a baby not a puppy it doesn't perform tricks...and don't touch me. I try to be polite but I can only take so much.


dolphin.girl.25 - December 10

I want a shirt that says Im not a tourist attraction...dont touch me! Rude or not, you need to tell people to back off. Baby or no baby, its still your body and no one has the right to touch anyone without permission.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 10

Im still not showing to much yet so I haven't had to deal with people touching me.. I am curious though.. to random strangers really do that?? I cant even begin to understand what is going through their head that makes it alright to TOUCH someone they dont know. I just didn't even think of this happening till I read this post...



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