I Could Eat A Horse

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Jen - June 20

Im 21 weeks and I am getting hungrier by the day! I just cant beleive that I could put away more food than my guy. And im still hungry!! Just me?


Michele - June 20

Hi Jen - I am in my 13th week. I lost weight in my 1st trimester however I have regained my thrust for food. This scares me a bit as I am already a size 14 without being pregnant. I do not want to gain too much weight to early. Though I have not gained a pound at week 13. How are things going for you on size, weight, and food craving?


Melissa - June 20

Jen~ same thing happening to me. I have not been abnormally hungry until today. i dont know what it is, but I ate cereal for breakfast, a sandwich and nilk for lunch, 4 slices of pizza at dinner ( yes, thats right 4 slices!!), then a brownie, and now its 9:30 and I am thinking of the bowl of nectarines on my table! Maybe wouldnt have been so bad if I replaced the pizza and brownie with something else, but I didnt! If my husband wasnt working today, he would be in shock!!!!! Have you been eating a lot all aong or did it just start? Because I have not been eating much more than normal and I have been eating sooooo good until today. I cut the gra__s and went for a walk to make up for it, but if I keep eating like this, I am gonna have to make lots of extra time for more exercise!!


Melissa - June 20

Hey, i just thought of this. I bet some people do eat horse, as I said in another post, someone asked me if I was going to eat my placenta. I am sure there are people that eat horse. you should go to a fanct deli and try some!!! LOL ( just a joke ) ( well, unless you really want to try it!)


Jen - June 21

@ 21 weeks I have gained about 13 lbs. My belly is for sure getting bigger in the past 3 weeks. The hunger started about a week ago. It's just crazy! All I want to do is eat cause I can't seem to fill up. Horse...hmmmm.......nope don't think i'd like it :o)


jess - June 21

dont i know it!! iu am 23 weeks and connot seem to get full....by 10 am i have had 2 breakfasts and my lunch- today i had 4 eggs, a bowl of fruit and cottage cheess, a sub sandwch, spaghetti, then dinner 2 chicken b___sts a baked potatoe, veggies, salad...and then a blizzard- and am STILL hungry! its like all i do it eat, clean up and then make more to eat!!


Melissa - June 21

Well, you do get bonus points for cleaning up Jess!


Heidi - June 21

Skip the horse. They're high in fat. Hee hee! I'm the opposite. I'm 22 wks and I don't eat as much as I did in my first trimester. I ate anything that wasn't nailed down. Now I'm back to my regular eating habits and more active since it's summer. Which is fine cus I gained 20 lbs so far!!! I'm hoping to stay at that weight for a couple months and not gain anymore. Yikes! I do like eating different stuff now though. I crave places like Pizza Hut lately. Don't know why. I had cravings the first trimester but not my second. I have a feeling when corn on the cob is in season I'm going to turn into a cow. That's my favorite summer food. I'll be as big as a horse!


Lynn - June 21

I could eat about 3 horses today.


D - June 21

Ick... no horse for me... but please pa__s the ice cream! I always want ice cream... I've been eating an embarra__sing amount... 2 sandwiches for lunch, when I used to eat one, etc.


Kelly K - June 21

They do actually eat horse in Germany. I grew up there because of my dad being in the military. It tastes like lean hamburger. I didn't know what it was until my dad told me. I still have nightmares about it!! As far as hunger.. my appet_te is still normal. No weird cravings (except rootbeer) and no abnormal eating.


Heidi - June 21

Oh that's horrible! Who could kill a horse and eat it!!!!!! I'd be scarred for life.


lana - June 21

lol I just thought this post was cute ;)


jess - June 21

i eat and eat and eat, yet i have only gained 10 lbs so far!! this baby growing stuff is hard work eh?? ok...whats for lunch???


Melissa - June 21

Horses, cows, pigs whatever, put it on the bbg or cover it in chocolate and one of us will likely eat it!!!! mmmmmmmmm.....chocolater horsies!


Marie - June 21

Forget the horse, for me its CHEESECAKE!! It's what I think about every waking moment and probably in my dreams as well!! I'm trying really hard to watch what I eat since I've already put on 20 lbs (23 wks) but it's so hard especially when you're at the grocery store pa__sing by the bakery and the cheesecakes are just screaming my name!!!


TCM - June 22

I can only think of hot chips. Want them for just about every meal and snacks in between. Have had to put myself on rations. I am only 14 weeks and everyone says I will get even hungrier - I just cannot imagine it!!



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