I Don T Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

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xvkx - January 12

IT'S A BOY! :D We also both actually settled on a girl's and a boy's name the day before... when we have spent countless months indecisive about them both.... O_O Hello, little Brennan Christopher! :D I'm so totaly floored. I kept saying it was going to be a boy, I just knew it... even though I wanted a girl, I knew it was a boy, and loved it just the same... the U/S didn't get much of a reaction out of me, they said boy and I was just like like yup, I knew it, big deal. I was more interested in watching him move and figuring out which pokes were his hands and which were his feet and which were his head, etc. (that's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what exactly is poking me this time, lol). It's been slowly sinking in bit by bit all night... I haven't been able to sleep for my mind just working on getting past... shock? disbelief? No, neither of those seem fitting... I just... I don't know. But it just hit me now, and I can't wait to tell the world! And I am so totally confused about how to react but one thing I know for sure is that I am something so totally beyond words... happy just doesn't seem to nail it... I think I've went half mad, lol!


cayingo - January 12

I can relate to your euphoria/confusion. We have a 7yo DD and have spent all 7 years doing girlie stuff: the pink room, dress, dolls, etc. Then we found out we were having a boy this time, and i thought "what the heck do I do with a boy????" But it didn't take long to embrace the idea, and look forward to meeting Reece Campbell. Our DD wanted a brother so her enthusiasm is soooo contagious. We are all totally ready for his arrival in 6 or so weeks! Good luck!!!


Rachel29 - January 12

I just found out that I'm having a boy too, and I kinda felt the same way. I was actually a little upset because I haven't ever been close to a man other than my husband, and am afraid I won't have any clue to do. I am feeling much better about it though, and went out and bought some really cute cloths, and read some stuff about boys and how to raise them, and am now really excited about it! Now I just can't wait to get the rest of this pregnancy over with! I feel like I've been pregnant forever!


cors1wfe - January 12

I can so relate - I didn't find out with my last one what I was having until 32 weeks and that whole time my dh and I were convince we were having a girl when they said it's a boy I was shocked but then happy and my dh didnt' talk all night he was so disappointed but the next morning he woke up and said we are having a happy healthy boy so we better think of a name and luckily a few days later we had a name for our Aidan Thomas.....It was great after we got over the shock and I wouldn't trade that little jokester for the world lol


xvkx - January 12

My main fear was not really knowing what to do with a boy, as well. With a girl I've at least "been there, done that"... with a boy it's completely unexplored territory! But once I pushed that fear aside I got excited pretty quickly about it. Actually, part of what I'm excited about is the fact that it's unexplored territory! And I'm a "tomboy" myself so I'm pretty sure I won't have *too* hard of a time keeping up. :) More than anything though I just melt at the thought of having a "mama's boy", or seeing him and his daddy playing together, or seeing those big boy eyes look up at me. I may not be able to relate to him like I can a girl but I certainly can fall in love with him and make sure he grows up to be a "proper gentleman"! Essentially, I've figured out my place with a boy. I'm not there so much to be a been there done that mentor as much as the one who teaches him how to treat a lady and how we work. Most importantly though I'm not *supposed* to know how to handle everything - that's why I have a guy in with me on this! He's there to be the been there done that mentor, lol. Meanwhile, I get to sit back and have fun raising my little man! :D I am probably making no sense at this point... lol. I'm still figuring things out. Right now though I am just so completely happy. :D


Rachel29 - January 12

I totally get what you mean. Thank goodness I have my husband around, or I'd be clueless.


sarah21 - January 12

It i so weird to think of what you are having. I was sooooo sure I was having a boy and found out it was a girl and I still can't believe I got what I wanted, lol. I was kind of disappointed it was a girl because I had sort of bonded with the idea of a boy. Anyway, congratulations!



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