I Don T Think Those Quot Old Wive S Quot Are Too Accurate O

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TamaraAngel - February 2

Well i have been very interested throughout this pregnancy in all the "Old Wive's Tales" to predict gender. We did the ring on a string one and it went in a circle (girl)... i have been craving sweets (girl)... and the heartbeat has been between 152 - 166 each time (girl). But the Chinese calendar predicted a boy, i had a dream that i was having a boy, and i noticed an increase in the growth of my body hair. I had the U/S yesterday and............ It's a boy!!!! Just wondering who else has found out the gender after trying different Old Wive's Tales, and what the results were.


aliciavr6 - February 2

I was craving meat, heartbeat was low last time, 138bpm, carrying low, having a girl


jendean00 - February 2

Everything was right for me, except the craving sweets thing. I have not really craved sweets and the baby's heartbeat has been around the 140 to 150 range and I am having a Girl but the chinese calender predicted a girl so I think its all a toss up. i heard so many different things that were not true that you just never know.


c_baer19 - February 2

I hope they are wrong! We did the needle on the string one also, and it went in a circle 2 times, meaning we would have two girls, and then back and forth once, meaning our third child would be a boy. This is my first, and I am still hoping for a boy!


c_baer19 - February 2

Oh, I think I looked at the chinese calendar earlier on, and it's supposed to be a boy.


jessica72 - February 2

I went through the whole first tri so sure it was a boy, but then looking back, most of the wives tales pointed to a girl and it is a girl. Craving sweets..oh yeah! Heart beat is always high and I'm carrying low and wide...not sure of this one, but the Mexican ladies in my family swear that means girl. Funny how some of them work out.


mommybabyboy21 - February 2

I did the old wives tales for the first trimester and 2/3 of the time it came out boy and 1/3 of the time a girl. I really wanted a girl since its going to be me and the kid for awhile until I find mr right. But the old wives tales for the most part were true...I am having a boy. And I am really happy before I ever thought I was pregnant I always wanted boy girl boy girl so now I am back to having my BOY first!!! :-)


MommyMeg07 - February 2

I had all signs pointing to a boy. I had no morning sickness at all, not even ONCE, the baby's heartbeat stayed consistently at 140, and I was craving salty foods (I still do), plus I dreamed like EVERY night that it was a boy... and I'm having a baby girl. :)


TamaraAngel - February 3

MommyBabyBoy21 -- I was kinda thinking it would be a girl too b/c it's just me and my female cat so i pictured it being just "us three girls..." But i'm thrilled it's a boy nonetheless. My best friend's first response when i told her was, "Finally, a man who will stick around for awhile!" Lol. MommyMeg07 -- your symptoms were way off! What a surprise that must have been! I forgot about the morning sickness one... i had severe morning sickness the whole first trimester and i still throw up like 3X a week even now at 18w!


MNMOM - February 5

I will find out next week what I am having - I can't stand the suspense! My hunch is a girl. The chinese calendar was right with my son last time and it says girl for me this time. Also the heart rate is 150-160 and my sons was around 130-140. We'll see!


danimarie - February 5

I am just like MommyMeg07- All signs of a boy- not an ounce of morning sickness, craving meats and salty foods, carrying like a basketball, heartbeat was always 140 or less...even at my last appt at 28 weeks it was 135. I'm having a GIRL!


JolieLucker - February 5

i did the chinese calendar and a few others and they all said i was having a girl... annnnd i am having a girl!!!



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