I Dont Think My Baby Is Alive

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bec - April 16

hi.im 15 weeks preg and am worried that my baby has died but havnt miscarried as im not showing yet, my stomach doesnt even feel hard,and havnt felt any movement at all.is it normal not to show at this stage?please help


NM - April 16

It is normal not to be showing yet and not to feel the baby move.


mandy~ - April 16

NM is right, its common not to feel either at 15wks.


SAR - April 16

bec... stop stressing. i'm sure everything is fine. i'm 15 weeks, as of yesterday. i can't feel a thing and my belly is just a big layer of extra fat :o) i can't wait until it turns into a proper belly so i can proudly do that pregnant waddle thing down the street, lol. everyone is different and develops at a different time. i think i read that a proper belly only starts showing on average at between 16 - 20 weeks. and you don't feel your bub starting to move until then either, with proper kicks happening a couple of weeks later than that.


PP - April 16

I have been in your shoes. I am 26 almost 27 weeks and I am not showing. I have a very small belly that is hidden with normal clothes. I still fit in almost all my clothes. And she did not start kicking until 18-19 weeks.


Maleficent - April 16

i'm 19 weeks and still not feeling movement. NONE. recently i found out the the placenta has attached up front instead of in back and this is a big reason why i'm not feeling anything. also, with my first baby i didn't show untill i was nearly 7 months, and i was SKINNY. everything is probably fine but if this is more than just a "i need some reasurance" feeling then go get checked out. your instincts are not something to ignore.


Phoebe - April 16

Bec please don't think negative... you have to be as positive as possible. At 18 weeks I didn't feel my baby move for about a week, and was getting nervous every single minute. Now the kid won't stop moving (which I don't mind) at 20 weeks. As for not showing Mines seem to come and go... it's smaller in the morning, and then huge in the afternoon, which I know isn't even the baby just me being belly fat. If you are still nervous, just tell your doctor that you feel cramps or some excuse to get an ultrasound done. I was going to keep faking the cramping thing, but just think I will get a monitor.


Moocher - April 16

Don't worry. I wasn't showing by then either. I couldn't feel movement. I was actually beginning to worry that people would think I'd lied about being pregnant! :-) I also thought my baby was dead so I asked my doctor to send me for a scan and there it was. Bouncing up and down in my uterus, kicking it's legs and waving it's hands around. It's amazing how much is going on in there when you can't even see or feel a thing. You'll be fine. Just enjoy being pregnant.


Moocher - April 16

P.S. I'm only just starting to look a bit pregnant at 20 weeks and can feel little movements but not kicks. I know you're anxious to get a sign that all is well, but don't worry. It'll come!


bec - April 17

thanks everyone. im going to see midwife on friday to hear the heartbeat.i cant wait.



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