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reedane - October 24

Hi all. I keep feeling like i am not sure if i am pregnant anymore. I am 18 weeks, and although i am fatter, its not a definite baby bump yet. I have felt flutters and movement previously. but now i am not feeling anything....... does anyone else feel this way? I mean, i am sure i am still pregnant, but sometimes i just feel like i am not sure? is it all ok? etc..


HeavenisMine - October 24

That is normal at your stage from what I know. When I was around 18 weeks I didn't feel pg at all, just sick from time to time, and could go days without feeling so much as a flutter. Now my girl has her feet up by my ribs just to let me know she is there. I think you'll be alright :) I saw a lot of women going through what you have when I was in the 2nd tri.


cynthia502 - October 25

You are in the honeymoon part of your pregnancy!! The 2nd tri is the time when you feel your best and your belly isn't that big yet (at least in the beginning of the tri!). I am almost 16 weeks preggers w/ twins and have been feeling a lot better...although I went to the dr yesteray and heard both their heartbeats, so I know they are in there! Don't worry, in no time your little one will be kicking away at your ribs, just like heavenismine stated. This is my 4th pregnancy and I look forward to a few good weeks this time of the journey because I know what's coming!! Good luck to you! and enjoy!!!


sarah21 - October 26

Yep I am with you. I'm 18 weeks also, I'll be 19 on Sunday. I have just felt flutters this past week and have only felt them twice. Sometimes it's tough to remember I'm pregnant (except my hard belly!) especially when I am feeling so good. I'm sure soon we'll be eating our words, though...


Stephanie_31 - October 26

I have been feeling this lately too. I am 17 weeks and I do have a good size belly as this is my second. I woke up this morning and felt so good that it took me 10 or 15 mins to remember that I was pg (until I had to bend over). Can't wait to see what a chore that is in a few months.


reedane - October 28

well i finally felt my first kicks yeterday. HOW AMAZING i have to say they wont stop now they are constant.


lisa mc - October 29

hi i am 20 weeks pregnant and also dont feel pregnant at all!! i have got a bump and heard the heartbeat 3 days ago but i still dont feel movement or anything. this is my second child i think i am feeling this way because this time around it has been completely different no sickness or anything!! i didnt even know i was pregnant until i was 12 weeks!!



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