I Feel Like I Ve Been Run Over By A Truck

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Cathy2 - March 12

I am 13 weeks and still feel so tired, so bloated and the things are just so "achy"down there! I really want to feel good again...is anyone else still down for the count in their second trimester?


idesign17 - March 12

Hi Cathy2. I am 26 weeks today, and just NOW the morning sickness is starting to lighten up. I went 5 days without getting sick, then this morning got sick again. On top of that, while I still had morning sickness, my hips and back started killing me to the point where I would have to crawl to the bathroom. This is my first, and with the way things have been going, I keep thinking it will be the first and only. I don't know how I could go through this again! I hope you feel better soon!


rjrmi - March 12

Hi Cathy, you'll be amazed how much better you will feel soon. I started to feel better around week 14 but it was probably around week 17 (I am 20.5w now) where I realized that I was feeling so good that I was actually enjoying being pregnant! I started showing around then too, so that helped! Hang in there! It gets better!


britt_m - March 14

I would say somewhere between 16-18 weeks was when I really felt better. I'm 27 weeks now and got achy hips and feet, not to mention a sinus cold, ugh!


JolieLucker - March 14

idesign im right there with you... first pregnancy and it has been HEEEEEEELLLLLLLL... i keep saying 'never againnnn' im 22weeks... hope it gets better for you Cathy... and congrats to tri. 2!


GloriaD - March 14

Oh Cathy2, I'm so sorry for you! I also felt awful at 13 weeks, but it turns out I got the stomach flu! Thankfully after a few days I felt better. Hang in there, one day you'll forget about all of this yucky stuff!


wailing - March 14

Cathy2, hang in there. I was REALLY tired until about 18-19wks. I thought the 2nd TRi energy burst would never come! But suddenly, u feel great and have TONS of energy...just don't over do it then:) Take this time to relax and read up on the baby!



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