I Feel Nothing

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Tillie - January 16

I'm almost 19 weeks and I have felt nothing move in my stomach--literally, not a single flutter. I haven't had an u/s since 7 weeks and am starting to get really anxious. I do continue to feel nauseated though, which in a way gives me some relief... Has anyone been this far along and felt nothing at all? It seems like in every post about baby movement, people have felt flutters long before 19 weeks. Help!!


Em - January 16

Don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine...I'm 20 weeks along and I don't feel much, either...I might have felt something a couple of times, but since this is my first, I'm not too sure if it wasn't something else...However, the baby is doing just fine, based on u/s, last of which I had last Friday...So, don't worry, I'm sure you will feel a lot more soon!


Joanne - January 16

don't worry - I didn't feel anything until my 22nd week or so


bean - January 16

Tillie - Try not to worry! I'm sure things are fine! Some moms take longer to feel their babies and some babies simply don't want to be felt just yet. I'm sure in the next three weeks you'll be feeling him/her all the time. Have you had a dct's visit recently or one coming up? Did you or will you get to hear the heartbeat? That should put your mind at ease. I've found that if I get worried I eat several clemantines and then can usually feel her wake up and start moving around. Maybe your baby likes highly-sweet fruit, too? I've heard lay down on your left side and stay still, but that's never worked for me. I wouldn't worry though, until a month from now or so. I'm sure you'll be getting kicked in no time! :)


anita - January 16

have you been feeling more ga__sy lately? i never felt flutters and didn't feel any kicks until 19wks, but i had been feeling extra ga__sy the wks before. in hindsight i think the ga__sy feeling was how i enterpreted "flutters".


Tillie - January 16

Sadly I haven't felt particularly ga__sy, but I DO continue to feel really nauseous some days. I don't suppose that could be a flutter? (Wishful thinking.) As luck would have it, I have an u/s tomorrow, the first in over 12 weeks, so that should put my mind at ease. I just really want to feel it, to know it's there! I want to feel like we're communicating (snifff).


stef - January 16

i'm 20 weeks it was the very last day or two of my 19 weeks did i even feel one flutter. i was thinking that somthing was wrong. I only feel somthing every now and then but not every day. I still haven't felt any kicks or rolls yet. usually they say anywhere from 18-24 weeks.


anita - January 16

don't worry Tillie, you'll be feeling the baby before you know it...soon you'll feel something and just know it's the baby. i was worried too, b/c i come on this site alot and i'd read about all these women talking about flutters as early as 14wks, yet i felt nothing; then, at 19wks, i undeniably felt a kick. like these women are saying, some of them didn't feel anything 'til 21 or 22wks, and keep in mind that alot of the women who feel movement early are usually on their 2nd child or more. brace yourself...it'll happen any day now! :o)


liz - January 17

so long as you continue to hear the heart beat you are fine


Chan - January 17

With my first son I didn't feel ANYTHING until 24 weeks doctor said that is very normal for a first time mom, and now with my 2nd I started to feel some movement around 18 weeks.


Tara - January 17

Don't worry, I went to my 17 week appt and the doctor asked me had I felt anything yet, which I hadn't, and I felt a little upset and a little scared. But sure enough around 19 weeks or so he kicked me and it was unquestionably a kick and every day since then he kicks me and punches me, and sometimes it even hurts! Some women cla__sify flutters and bubbles that they feel as the baby moving, but I was skeptical. I would attribute it to my meal earlier or my stomach growling. You're probably just as I was - doubtful until you have irrefutable proof...nothing wrong with that.


Tillie - January 17

Thanks for all your input, girls. I just had a 19 week u/s and the baby was CRAZY! Moving everywhere, kicking her legs, stretching. And I had had a bowl of cereal beforehand--no coke, no orange juice. Clearly I have a very active baby. So I guess the fact that I haven't *felt* her yet is ok! I'll be patient and stop worrying.


Shell - January 18

with my first it was 22 weeks before I felt anything.. be patient, its wonderful when it happens, I am hoping for earlier movement this time (I am 16 weeks). good luck!


Tess - January 18

Im due in May w/ my 1st and I started feeling her (like poking movements) when I was 18 wks pg. I am now 23 wks pg and Ive felt her almost every single day.


Stephanie - January 20

I am 23 weeks and I feel my son moving almost daily. Somedays I am very active- would that have anything to do with it. I have read that this may cause him to sleep and rest more. I just worry like any other first time mommas out there. I like feeling him, and when I don't I think something maybe wrong.


Em - January 21

I'm almost 21 wks now, but this past week (btwn 20-21) is the first time that I felt definite movement repeatedly!! I was also kind of worried before, so just relax, it will happen before you know it...Now I'm wondering when are we going to hit the next phase where kicks will actually become uncomfortable;)...



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