I Feel Really Fortunate

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Aimes - May 8

Wow, reading some of these posts about horrible in-laws, mean BFs and DHs that aren't supportive or even worse, abusive. It makes you realize how fortunate you really are. I get mad because DH makes fun of my "nana" maternity bathing suit, but geez, that's the worst he does! I need to go home and give him a big hug. Anyone else not appreciate their wonderful DH and feel bad!


Chrissythefairy - May 8

Im with you, i def appreciate my fiance and all the lovely things he does for me and lucky my in-laws are great too. I am very lucky. To the women that are having problems with the people in their life. I wish them nothing but the best and hope things work out.


JESS1980 - May 8

You're right Aimes....women with wonderful husbands are VERY lucky! I love my husband dearly!!! I have always appreciated him.....especially since I've been pregnant! He takes great care of me and provides TONS of emotional support! Not only that, but he does lots of housework, yardwork, cooking, etc... I could not have gotten through this without him!


kmwebber - May 8

I would have to agree with you ladies. My husband as greta in my first pregnancy and is great in this one. I had to laugh to myself when I went to bed last night he came in before i went to sleep and asked if he could watch the news in our room. I told him no. He just said okay I'll be in soon and made sure that I had water before he left the room. I am very appreciative that my husband makes sure that I'm taken care of during my pregnancies and makes sure that I do not over do it.


Erynn21 - May 8

My hubby is awesome and always has been. He can be a little annoying at times, but then I'm sure not a sunshine all the time. When I complain about something weird happening to me he's like yeah you're pregnant of course you're going to have weird stuff happen. It sometimes bugs me he's so matter of fact, but he's right. I actually have felt bad for him with my pregnancy because he is working so hard with work, and remodeling the nursery, and I cannot help. Also my in-laws may drive me crazy sometimes, but they are sweet ppl, it's my own family that makes me nuts,lol. Here's to the nice guys.


falafal0 - May 9

I agree with everyone. My DH is great during my pregnancies and always picks up the slack, no questions asked. With this pregnancy though, he's been extra 'good' because it's been very hard on me. I think he's guilty because he really wanted another baby for the past couple of years, and when I had a change of heart and fell pregnant, he was so excited he's doing everything he possibly can. He's also one of thos men who were meant to be a father, you now, the 'family type', more happy at home with the bunch of us than out doing anything else. Can't complain now, can I?! He's also one of those types that are with you every second of the labor and would stand on his head if he thought it would help. I have to be careful to make sure it's not one way though. He's a high school teacher, and has alot of stress and responsiblities going on, and with our church things and our three children, he has his hands full. We women gotta take care of our men too! Don't want someone else to get out catch of the year.


iakram - May 9

Hi Amies and Everyone else! Wow a post that finally doesn't bash the poor in-laws or DH's lol :) My DH has been great! I have my crying episodes [mainly due to the harmones] and it's usually my fault but he's been such a sport about them. He helps with the cleaning and taking care of my son...the stuff that i can't do picking up the laundry and lugging it upstairs ... the garbage.. you name it! they are all his chores now. So thanks Aimes for reminding me what a wonderful husband I have !! Now I just have to convince him to be in the delievery room!


Been There - May 9

Great post, Aimes. My DH has been great. He won't even let me pick a fight when I have a reason. He just agrees with me and promises to take care of it. He just b__ws everything off as me being moody and takes whatever I dish out. It makes me feel bad, so I calm right down. He just likes to mess with me about how big my belly is getting. Fortunately, he's just as attracted to me as before I my belly started growing and I gained weight. Even though I don't feel s_xy at all, it's nice to know he still feels that way about me. My in-laws have always been good to me. My MIL has even fussed at him and told him that he is to treat me like a queen and spoil me. So when's he's bothering me (nothing serious), I alway threaten to call his mother on him. He knows she'll get him too. I am very fortunate to have a great family on both sides, mine and his.


Evonna - May 9

I am thankful that god sent me this wonderful human being to me, which is my Fiance'. He is so good to be true and i love him dearly. He is my everything!


Aimes - May 9

I am glad there are some of us who have great hubbys/partners, etc. Sometimes I can be such a bit** to him and he takes it so well. I am not the least bit worried about him helping around the house or with the baby. I hear so many awful stories on this forum and from people at work, etc that have c___ppy "baby daddy's" (lol), so I am happy I have a good one!


Evonna - May 9

it's the same with my Fiance', i am always a b___h, even before i got pregnant i was always att_tudish, lol. But he takes it so well, i am surprised he stayed with me so long knowing what person i can be.


Been There - May 9

Evonna, that's funny. My husband used to say I could be mean. Now I hear him when he's on the phone and people ask about me. His favorite line is, "She's moody, but that's to be expected."


Evonna - May 10

lol @ Been There



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