I Feel So UGLY

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Tara - May 15

I don't know if it's my hormones but I have been getting so upset. I feel so gross this trimester. Not sick or tired just ugly and fat! I just needed to vent for a minute. I was just getting dresses to go out and I don't even want to go anywhere. I don't even look pregnant yet so fat- Anyone else getting a little overwhelmed. I am so grateful and happy and excited about the baby but I guess just depressed with how I look. I was with my friends last night that all have 2 or 3 children already and it's amazing how wonderful they all look. I feel like that will never happen to me! Thanks for listening


Jessie - May 15

I feel your pain, lol. I feel so ugly and fat too. Every one says I look beautiful and so good for being 5 months pregnante, I DONT FEEL IT, and i would really like to know who they are looking at becuase I dont thinks its me!


Raye Lynn - May 15

I felt the same. Fat and overly stretched with all the stretch marks I am getting. But, its almost 22 weeks and I am LOVING being pregnant. I am flaunting it with tighter shirts that show off my belly and people comment everyday on how great I look. Tough to say for an overweight pregnant girl, but its true!! It will get better.


nelly - May 15

i felt the same way in my 2 trimester i was breaking out terribly and gaining weight and didnt have anything attractive to wear i have currently entered my 3 trimester and everyone keeps telling me how good i look so it gets better.


m - May 15

I'm really bummed about my clothes. Seems I wear the same thing over and over and over, Stay in my PJ's while in the house. I can't find many good tops and bottoms. Found one pair of jeans i love, goes with a couple shirts I got, but that's about it. It's getting boring. I love to wear clothes and go out, not now. Oh well, figure this is a small sacrifice (minute sacrifice) for such a big reward.


t - May 15

I'm 15 weeks and just feel fat, no cute round belly to show otherwise. I've outgrown most of my old clothes now, and can only wear certain pants that have stretchy waists. My tummy, b___t and sides all feel kinda jellyish and blobby. On the bright side though, through all that fat, I can feel my uterus growing every day, I'm sure it will pop out any day now. I can definitely handle looking pregnant, right now I just look like I've put on weight, ugh!


Melony - May 15

I am almost 15 weeks and hate the way I look! I wasn't supermodel skinny to begin with and now I just look fat-not pregnant! I also am wearing the same things over and over! I think when I actually look pregnant I'll feel better about how I look. Then again maybe not-I have been way too moody and sensitive....My poor husband!


June - May 16

Dont worry Tara, i feel the same too. Everyone says I'm not showing yet at 19weeks. I just look fat now. Almost burst into tears trying to prepare for work this morning with almost nothing to wear...:(


Lindy - May 16

I have struggled with the change in body image aswell...thats been the toughest thing about getting preg for me...not that I was ever super skinny or vain before, but I liked my body and now its growing beyond my control! My advice to you guys is to let go of your jeans, and stop clinging onto your pre pregnancy clothes...treat yourself to some good maternity capsule pieces that will see you through and ease your comfort...you can feel remarkably better when your not trying to pour yourself into your old clothes...thats so disheartening...im week 25, and kind of coming to terms with everything...u have to remeber...we pregnant gals have this (invisible to us) attractive s_xy glow that radiates!!! Good Luck!!


Heidi - May 16

I can totally relate. I was always thin before I got pg and now I'm 17 wks and outgrew all my pants. Of course I knew I would but I have no real belly yet. Just kind of fat all around. My doc said I've gained more than I should have at this stage so that's kind of eating at me. Then my fiance said he wants to go to this street dance next weekend and I blew up and deep down I think I was just p__sed cus I have nothing cute to wear!!!! Everything makes me look fat! Although my chest is huge so that's kind of fun. I still wear my tigh t shirts cus they make me look s_xy but as far a jeans, yikes! Not sure what I'm gonna do there! I just don't want to go cus everyone I know will say, gee she's gotten fat! They don't know I'm pg either so they'll just think I'm a blob! Maybe I'll have to go shopping this week and treat myself to some cute black stretchy pants and a cute low cut top that hangs a little long to cover my belly.


Tammy - May 16

Today, I finally had to make the move to maternity shirts. I feel like a whale. I am 17 weeks and feel like my b___t is getting larger daily. My stomach is larger above my belly b___ton; more than below it. I don't remember spreading this way with my son. I'm tired of everyone saying that with a girl you spread out all over and with a boy you carry all in the front. Not true for me, my 2nd was a boy and so is this one! The sacrifices we make to be mommies...Oh, by the way yesterday my 4 yr old told my that I am fat...go figure


KC - May 16

Tammy I can totally relate-my stomach is big above my belly b___ton also-I think I'm just fat everywhere. I finally bought some necessary maternity clothes this weekend-just some jeans and a few casual tops. I feel a little better not squeezing myself into my old jeans. I went to this store called a pea in a pod- It was the first time shopping in a maternity store-are they all this expensive? i couldn't find a pair of jeans under $95 dollars-is this how all the stores are? Good luck to you all-I feel better that its not just me going through this phase


Heidi - May 16

KC - Try Old Navy and Kohls. Stylish but inexpensive! Even Target has some maternity stuff.


Dallia - May 17

Hi Girls. I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels like a fat cow. well at least we know that we are going through the same feelings. I am 17 weeks and people still look really suprised when I tell them I am pregnant. Getting dressed in the morning in a nightmare!!! I live in Fiji and there are certainly no stylish Maternity shops her !!!!


Ranya - May 18

I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed by the changes in my body...I look different in the evening (more bloated) than in the morning, some days are better than others. It's all a bit scary for a first timer, but obviously normal judging by everyone's comments :) My mood hasn't improved at all, my friends kept telling me that the second trimester is the "honeymoon" phase of the pregnancy, but unfortunately it's been quite tough on me emotionally (17 weeks tomorrow). As for maternity clothes, I live in Egypt where there are no maternity shops unfortunately!!! Dallia in Fiji, I know where you're coming from, we'll just have to be creative!


leslie - May 18

Ranya and Dallia why do you girls don't order some maternity clothes thru internet..there is some very cute things in there...


Sam - May 18

Oh, I think every pregnant woman can feel your pain, Tara. Except for the "perfect" preggies that look like a Gap commercial their entire pregnancy.... At 15 weeks, I was enormous already. I was kinda skinny before pregnancy so even a little growth made me huge. Now I'm at 18 weeks and I feel like a house boat! I refuse to go to the maternity stores yet so all my pants are hanging on by elastic hair ties, the backs of my arms are swinging freely now, and my rear looks like its consistently widening by the day. I hear that the second trimester is suppose to be the best one. Ha. Right.



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