I Fell Now I Don T Feel Baby

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j - October 14

I fell last night - tripped on the sidewalk and fell hard on my knee. I have an appointment Monday for my routine 16 week thing, but I havn't felt anything from baby since I fell. I have read on here that others have fallen with no problems, but I'm not sure if I should wait until Monday for my appointment or go to the ER and have it checked out? I hate to waste people's time especially if I am over reacting and "imagining" not feeling anything... Thoughts?


to j - October 14

I fell when I was 12 weeks and landed real hard and baby was fine. I was told by the midwife who returned my call at the answering service (you should try to call and leave a message), that women have had far worse (car accidents etc) and baby is fine. Besides, you are only 16 weeks so I am amazed that you are feeling the baby at all as regularly as you would like. Really, I think you are fine - esp. if you have no cramping with bleeding. But give the answering service a call to put your mind at ease. Don't waste money on the ER just yet..


Lisa - October 14

I fell really hard on marble flooring on my tailbone when I was 12-13 weeks and it scared me so much I almost threw up. I went to the OBGYN's right away and they gave me a v____al ultrasound to check the placenta for any tearing or anything and there was none; the baby was fine. He told me that it hurt me more than it ever hurt my baby; that the baby is well protected in there. But, I would not listen to anyone either and had to find out for myself. I felt much better about it and was able to sleep. You do what oyu have to do to feel OK.


jb - October 14

I was in a car accident at 12 weeks and the baby was just fine. I did go to the ER after the accident to be sure. and they checked the heartbeat and everything. They are very well protected in there. Plus at 16 weeks you probably wont feel the baby all the time anyway, even when it is moving sometimes its in a position where you dont feel it. I didnt feel my little one until I was 18 weeks.


Selena - October 15

Graceful person that I am I fell pretty hard at 24 weeks! The baby was just fine even though I went flat on my face but I had to sport a lovely sprain ankle for a few weeks. I am sure your baby is fine and unfortunetly as you progress in your pregnancy your chances of falling get much greater due to the changes in your center of gravity and the fact that your ligaments are much looser in prepapration for birth.


Kate and Baby - October 15

Hi J. I haven't had any of these experiences. I know before I go to my appointments I sometimes drink Sunny delight ( just a little bit) It has sugar and the baby will wake up and start moving. they do it before you go to a 3D ultrasound. I hope this helps.


kendall - October 16

hi i read this earlier and didn't know what to say but about 30 min ago i fell down the stairs (like 5) i did feels the baby but only like twice hopefully shes ok


ry - October 16

i would try not to worry to much, they are pretty cushioned in there :) but definately tell your doctor if you are concerned.


kendall - October 17

i read in fit pregnancy magazine that if you've been in a car accident while you're pg you should call your doc because it can cause complications during labor and even preterm labor so i am going to call my doc first thing in the morning to see if i should be getting more checkups to make sure everything goes ok


j - October 17

just an updat - went to the drs today. You all are sooo right!!! Thank you all! She confirmed exactally what you said - if there is no bleedingor cramping, everything is fine. And fine it is... Little heart beat ticking away just fine. Guess I stressed myself out about it too much. Anyway, thanks!!


Lisa - to J - October 17

That's wonderful news! When I fell everyone told me the same thing that the baby would be fine and only to worry if there was bleeding or pain...but you just can't help it! And you know what, it's not stupid or a waste of time. It's important to you and to all those who went through it as well. Happy to hear everything is fine! There is nothing like hearing that heartbeat is there? :)



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