I Fell Tonight At The Pool And Am Pretty Scared

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mcbanes_angel - July 13

tonight i went swimming with my husband and his best friend. when we were leaving the pool, i tripped and fell pretty hard. both hands are sc__pped, i have a large bruise on my right foot, my left foot is sc__ped up pretty bad and so are both of my knees. my right knee still wont stop bleeding becuse it is cut so badly. We have taken all the normal first aid procedures, applying pressure, ointment, bandages, etc. but the one thing im worried about is Abby. Will she be okay? My grandmother fell while pregnant with one of her children, and she lost the baby. I dont know if this is what caused it, but she belived it was. Is there anything i should be looking for as far as signs she may not be okay?


soon2bmommy - July 13

Not sure how far along you are but I would look for movement throughout the night if you can and then I call the Dr. 1st thing in the morning and if possible go get checked out just to make sure she is ok and to set you mind at ease. Good Luck!


HannahBaby - July 13

I dont believe thats what caused your grandmother to lose her baby. I worked on a maternity floor and know for a fact that you have to be seriously injured to worry about miscarriage. We had a woman who was pregnant who was in a car accident. Everyone in her van lived, but 3 of the 5 people in the car that hit them died, needless to say this was a serious accident, she came in for 24 hour observation and was fine. Dont worry. If you do notice that baby isnt moving as she usually is you may want to contact the doctor. Relax, your fine


mcbanes_angel - July 13

i wasnt sure how far along i am until just a second ago when i looked at the calendar. im estimating about 22 or 23 weeks. not sure.


HannahBaby - July 14

have you been to a doctor for your pregnancy?


Britney23 - July 14

I think that accidents like these can only cause miscarriages if there was a real serious b__w to the abdomen/uterus. If you didn't fall on your stomach, you're probably fine. The baby's protected from bumps like this by the amniotic fluid. But you should get it checked out if u are worried, even just to calm your nerves.


yetanothertripletmom - July 14

I fell when I was 16 weeks pregnant with my triplets. I called teh doctor and was told to go to the hospital for observation. Even with such a high risk pregnancy and a previous placenta abruption my babies were fine. You're probably fine, but call your doctor if it will put your mind at ease.


Helene - July 17

My mom said she felll with both me and my sister (I don't know which way or how) and so did my mother-in-law with my dh. My friend fell on the ice, forward like you did, a month or two before she was due and the doc told her to lie down and count the number of kicks in one hour. If you have not already done so, call the doctor and they will either call you in or send you to the ER to check you out to be safe. Like HannahBaby said, the baby is probably fine as it is well cushioned in the uterus with all the amniotic fluid, uterine lining, muscles and fat between it and the rest of the world. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.



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