I Finally Feel The Baby Or Am I Imagining

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Boomgirl - October 19

Hi Everybody,all you lucky ones, needed your expert advice on this. I think I finally feel the baby at 19.4 weeks! I feel fluttering/twitching/tickle all over my belly. Is it the baby? Should i feel only below my belly button? or anywhere is fine?. I am not quite sure if what i feel is baby movements. Please let me know if this is what it is... I have an appointment next tuesday. So If its not baby movement I will have to wait for a week to know why I am so late in feeling baby movements ... please reply .. i am very curious.


Marla - October 19

More than likely it is your baby your feeling. I'm 18 wks. I've been feeling my baby for a few weeks now, but I am also a very thin person and I focus on every change I feel. Like you've probably heard every feeling is different. Mine are like little taps and it happens around the same time everyday. The taps are below the belly b___ton, but sometimes I feel a wave feeling across my uterus like on a roller coaster, but every movement so far has been below my belly b___ton and also my sides. Trust your instinct, if your feeling fluttering your feeling your baby moving. I actually feel the tapping right now. I asked myself if I ever felt this tapping and fluttering before I was pregnant. The answer was no, there's someone moving in there and your baby sounds as active as mine. Congratulations.


E - October 19

Sounds like the baby alright!! I love to feel mine moving and I am only 17 weeks. It is so beautiful and makes me feel so close to him/her.


desiree - October 19

Isn't that exciting! I'm sure that your little baby is showing you it is alive and well. I am 17 weeks along and I feel funny little taps and ripples on both sides of my tummy. I feel this later at night and in the morning before I get up from bed. I can also feel baby. My mom asked me if it feels somewhat like an egg, she was right. congrats to you and good luck!!


E - October 19

Does it sometimes feel like a cramping sensation when the baby moves?? Anyone's answer will be welcome. I feel a cramping sensation when my baby moves and I am wondering if this is common? Thanks!!


Mellissa - October 20

By 20 wks, the top of your uterus should be in line with your belly b___ton so you can feel the baby anywhere from the belly b___ton and down. The flutters will turn to kicks soon, depending on how tough your uterus is and where the placenta is. It's sometimes harder to feel those kicks if they're aimed towards the back or if the placenta is lying across your front.


Kris - October 21

I am 17 weeks and think I am starting to feel the baby! I feel everything from flutters to bubbles. I am excited to get further along and feel real kicks!


cutealmonte - October 23

I felt my baby move around this time and that is what it felt like. I spoke with my doc and he confirmed. I am sure that your doc will let you know that it is little baby boomgirl moving around in there. Good Luck!!!


E - October 23

Mine has become very active, especially after I eat (17 weeks). It feels so strange to have a tiny creature in your belly, kicking your insides. I get this huge grin on my face when he kicks. My husband is away for the week and I actually feel like someone else is staying with me so I am less lonely:)


Dani - October 23

I am almost 17 weeks. I feel the baby already. the doctor also told me you can feel it as early as 14 weeks! So i'm sure it is the baby you are feeling. Mine are like little bump bumps on my tummy. Also my uterus hasn't stretched past my belly b___ton yet and I am not sure if yours has, but you can tell by feeling where your tummy is hard at. It's like a big hard sack.


christie - October 24

i didn't feel my baby until about 21 weeks. before that i couldn't tell if it was the baby or not. every one told me to expect a fluttering feeling, but i never felt that nor do i know. arount 21 wks i felt a big kick! im 23 wks not and my baby moves and kicks and punches all day and all night! its so fun!!!


gail - October 28

i am 18 weks pregnant with my first child and there is not any movements i felt it move once it was like a tapping it happened one time and then a few weeks later a light movements but nothing elsei am very worried could someone please help me with an answer.


Boomgirl - October 28

I still do feel tickling now at 20 weeks but not nything else, Yesterday my gynec says it will take another 2-3 weeks for me to feel anything as the baby was comfortably moving in my uterus. and I will feel the baby movements when the space inthere gets crowded and the baby starts hitting the walls of the uterus. So her guess was the flickers were either baby movements or something else... but nothing to worry, since I am overwieght, I might feel it a little late and best of all, the baby is doing fine, So I am now not much worried about baby movements. they will happen in a couple of weeks. But I am anxious...



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