I Find Out In 4 Weeks

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kvilendrer - February 8

My ultrasound is in 4 weeks and I get to find out what I'm having! I'm so excited. I really hope to be having a girl, since I already have a little boy. But either will be great.


TinaSos - February 8

I have mine at the end of month (Feb) can't wait. This will be my first.


TinaSos - February 8



c_baer19 - February 8

Same here, I have mine in 4 weeks! March 9.. so far away! I will be nearly 21 weeks already, grr! Hoping for a boy, this is my first. =)


kvilendrer - February 9

c_baer19, that's the exact date that I have mine!! You'll have to know after you find out!!


kvilendrer - February 9

sorry, "you'll have to let me know when you find out" is what I meant.


kelley - February 9

kvilendrer, I have not scheduled my u/s yet, I will schedule it on Wednesday at my appointment. I wll be 15 weeks on Sunday. It should be about that same time...within a week. I am excited to find out what we are having as we already have 2 girls.


c_baer19 - February 9

I'll let you know.. I'm very excited!


squished - February 9

Wow....we're going to find out a lot of baby's s_xes in the next few weeks! I hope that all of the little ones are very agreeable so you can find out and that there are no crossed legs :)


jessicaspatherapist - February 9

i find out on the 21st!!! i can't wait!!!


jodie - February 9

I find out on the 20th!!


MNMOM - February 12

I'm finding out on Wednesday!! Valentines Day!!! I can hardly wait!!!!! I have a son so would like a daughter but either will be fine,just want a healthy babe! :)


kvilendrer - February 12

wow! There are a lot of people finding out in the next few weeks. I almost feel like I can't wait 3 and a half more weeks. I want to know now! I told my husband that we are going shopping in 4 weeks. I can't wait.


c_baer19 - February 12

I know, I can't wait either. We went to the most adorable little shopping center and there were a bunch of baby stores, and we couldn't buy anything because we don't know what it is yet. =( But we're going back. =)


Kime - February 12

I get to find out in two days!!!! OMG it seems like it has been such a long time i can't stand it anymore. I am really wanting a girl, but i have felt like it is a boy since i first found out i was preggo. I'll be happy either way though, just more happy if it's a girl lol!!!!


Marie6549 - February 12

I too find out on the 9th March and can't wait! I will be exactly 21 weeks and already have a 4 year old son called Jamie. Would love a little girl this time, but not really bothered either way.....just means we get to try again and again...lol! I love being pregnant!


kvilendrer - February 12

This will be the last one we will be having (at least for awhile). We decided long ago that we would only be having 2 children....maybe more later in life if we are really wanting another one. So I am really hoping that I get a little girl, because there won't be many more chances to try for one.



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