I Get Mad All The Time

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hortencia - November 1

Is it normal to get mad with everybody about everything all the time? I get med so easily over stupid stuff i have no patience for anything and im having a lot of problems with my boyfriend over this. Please help me what can i do?


Sims1 - November 1

i have the same problem. i've been loseing my temper lately and i get so mad it's like i'm going to explode, and, then i just calm down. i think it's hormones, but it's crazy the stuff that comes out of mouth it's like i just don't care what anyone thinks of me. wierd. i think the best thing to do is let it out with one person....i go crazy with my husband and then i calm down and apologize, and he's so understanding and nice about it. and the stuff i say is horrible...but not usually about him, about his family or someone else....maybe if you explain that to your bf, he'll understand next time you do.


princesa - November 2

Hortencia-I'm not sure if its normal or not-but the same thing is happening with me lately, whats even sadder, is that I have a 5 (almost 6) year old son that is paying the consequences as well. I know that my fiance understands, but my son doesnt, I know he doesnt deserve me to flip out on him over stupid sh*t, but I cant control it. I'll be laying in bed at night thinking about the things that happened during the day, and it breaks my heart to imagine the look on my sons face when I'm ripping him a new one. I tell my self that I will change and learn to channel and control my emotions towards my son specifically, but when I'm in the moment-its sooo hard to do, its like I've turned into some evil person. I cant really explain my behavior to him, because sometimes he has done something wrong that does deserve a stern talking too, but if I tell him that Mommy doesnt mean to get angry, its just the baby, then he will never take me seriously, even when he does deserve to get punished. When will it stop?


pomny143 - November 3

I too am having the same issues. I have been so tempermental lately. I think that all of us have our own little issues during pregnancy. Ours just happens to be that we have turned into complete b___hes! LOL. Anyway, try to explain your feelings to your boyfriend so that he can get a better understanding of why you are acting this way. Let him know that it is something you cannot control. Tell him that you are sorry and maybe address your concerns the next time you both go to your doctor. Talk about it together along with the doctor, this way he will not think you are justing making an excuse to be nasty. I hope that everything gets better. Good Luck! We should make a club...the crabby ladies society! LOL



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