I Had A Job Interview And I Didn T Say I M Preggo

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flipthea - February 16

I had a job interview today but I didn't mention that I'm pregnant simply bec. they don't need to know at this point and it's illegal for them to ask or to deny a woman work for that. But I feel like I need to the company somehow. It's in the back of my head and I can't get it out of my mind. I wanted to change jobs bec. my current job involves extensive traveling and lifting. Early in my pregnancy i had some bleeding, I'm fine now and the baby's fine. I'm 13 weeks pregnant. Advice please.


MNMOM - February 16

You did nothing wrong, I recently went through the same job scenario and didn't tell and didn't feel that bad about it. Pregnancy is a health issue and it is private and you had no obligation to tell them anything at this point! Good luck, hope you get it :)


c_baer19 - February 16

Exactly, they can't fire you for it - it would be discrimination.


jen327 - February 16

You did nothing wrong, sure it is illegal not to hire someone because they are pregnant but people do it. The only issue you may have it that if you want to take off time for maternity leave FMLA is only active after you have been empolyed for 1 year. Companies will allow you the 6 weeks for Short Term Disablity but the FMLA 12 weeks is not a guarentee. You may want to talk to HR when you first start, they can't not keep you then once you are pregnant, but share with them your idea for maternity leave.


JolieLucker - February 16

im 18 wks and i did the same thing a few weeks ago. i got the job and start on the 1st. hahaha hmmm i was just gonna bring it up later AFTER i've been trained.


flipthea - February 17

Ok for those that did it, then when should I say? I thought about saying it when they offer the job. I'm just concerned that it could create ill feelings later on and make my work harder.


TamaraAngel - February 17

Personally, i think you should wait until after you start working... and give it a few weeks. I think in the first few weeks, employers are very obserant of new workers. Let them see your competency first.... and then tell your immediate supervisor and schedule an appt with HR regarding maternity leave.



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