I Had My US Today And It S A

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Amy from MN - November 14

BOY!!! Now I have 2 girls and 2 boys! We are so happy. I am also happy that my Placenta have migrated up to where it should be so I will not need a c-section! I am 21 weeks today. We brought all the kiddo's with to the US and they seemed to really enjoy watching it and liked the surprise of finding out they are going to have a baby brother! Now the hard part.....finding a boy name my husband and I agree on. He wants a Jr. But shouldn't our 1st son been the Jr? I am happy to share my news with all you other mommies to be and wish everyone a safe and happy pregnancy!


erin - November 14

Congratulations!! I can't wait until my ultrasound. We are due almost the same day, I am due March 25.


Tess - November 15

Hi Amy! Congratulations :P I am from MN too.....I lived in St. Paul, how about you? We dont get to find out our baby's gender til 1st wk of Jan. I can't wait. Congrats again!


Michelle - November 15

Congrats ! Me too, found out yesterday I am having a boy! I'm due March 26th. Take care x


Barbara - November 15

Hola Ladies and Amy congratulations to all... i don't get to know the baby s_x for another month but i am very excited... be safe and take care...


Melody - November 15

Today I found out that I am having a boy. The little stinker crossed his legs for a long time. My doc was nice and waited for him to finally show the goods. She said 80% sure but I am pretty sure that I saw his bits and pieces.


Pam - November 15

I am from MN also.. I am not sure what we are having... and am 6 months pregnant... how about you gals


Amy from MN - November 15

Hi everyone!! Thanks and congrats to all of you too!! Alot of little boys due in March!! We are from the Lake Minnetonka area. But my husband grew up in St. Paul.. I made a piczo site with a few random pics. I don't have it completely the way I want it yet, I'm having troubles with downloading some pics. I hope to finish it this weekend. Take a peek... the address is vaedamasonaubrey.piczo.com


19wks - November 15

hi im amy from sc.congrats!!!WE have 2 girls and hope that this one is a boy!we find out in 2 wks.


jesse - November 16



Tess - November 16

Hi Amy! Cute pix :P Gosh Im not ready for snow yet...and its so windy and cold outside. Waaaa I lived close to 3M and I work for 3M too.


Amy from NE - November 16

Ya i'm having #4 to and we have 2girls and now 2 boys i'm 26wks 4d


Renee - November 17

I don't think it's ever too late to have a "jr." especially if this will be your last. Go for it! Congratulations!


Amy from MN - November 17

I am really considering the JR thing!! But We also have a couple other names we like too!! Such as Jackson James or I have ALWAYS LOVED the name Tobey!! But Donnie thinks it sounds like a name for a dog :( But I have loved it since I was pregnant with our 8 year old!! She turned out to be a girl though!! But I love the name Tobey Richard, Richard after my Grandpa, who pa__sed away 4 years ago on x-mas day And I already named my son after Donnies dad , so I thinkk it's my turn to have a middle name after my side of the family! My1st son is Mason James! Now I want a Tobey Richard! Well maybe I can talk Donnie into it!! Well it is freezing here in MN!!! We have about a 1/2 inch of snow and it is cold and windy!! Not Fun!! And to think, Last week it was in the 60's! That's Minnesota for ya!! Anyone else getting uncomfortable yet? I have the hardest time sleeping at night! With the 3 trips to the bathroom, trying to get comfortable, and the heartburn, man pregnancy is so fun!! I need to make a trip out to Target and buy myself a body pillow!! They are the greatest!!


Rachel - November 17

I like the name Toby too!!


Amy from MN - November 21

My Dr. called with the report from the radiologist on the US and he said everything looks great, baby looks healthy and weighs around 16oz but he said the baby is in the breech position. Does anyone one know if this is normal for 22 weeks. I am getting another US in 2 months to recheck the position . They said my placenta previa has migrated and I thought my need for a c-section was gone now the baby being breech, I'm kinda worried!!!



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