I Had The CRAZIEST Dream

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Steff - June 29

I dreamt that I found out I was having twin boys. For some reason I was very disappointed. Of course I would thrilled in reality. Anyhow, I was really upset... I decided that I wanted to bond with the babies before they were born so I gave myself a C-section and pulled them out (they looked perfect, only small). I played with them for a while and then put them back in (with a bit of trouble) and then sewed myself back up. Sooooo strange.


olivia - June 29

Steff, i had the SAME dream when I was pregnant with my daughter. I did not find out her s_x until she was born, but in my dream I found a zipper on my chest. I unzipped it all the way down my belly and pulled out the baby. I carefully unfolded her and was trying to figure girl/boy. A man walked by and said, do you know what that means? I said no, and he told me she was a girl. I carefully folded her back up and put her back in my belly and zipped back up. That is so funny they are so similar. (btw -- I did have a girl and a c-section!)


venus_in_scorpio - June 29

actually in jenny mccarthy's pregnancy buuk (really funny btw i highly recommend it) she describes having the same dream. it sounds pretty common.


mandie - June 29

Must be a common theme. I dreamt that I went into labor and I remember thinking it would take forever because I wasn't in pain. I went to the doc's office and told him I thought it was time. He took the baby out, said no, it was too small, and the foot was broken and it needed to heal. Then he put the baby back in (v____ally, I might add...) and sent me on my way. So we're all weird, apparently.


Steff - June 30

LOL! Thanks ladies. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone.


Aviendha416 - July 2

Those are great dreams. You mind is giving in to the curiosity of what your baby will look like and who they will become. My hubby had a dream that he was pregnant the other night. Not only was he pregnant, but he was pregnant with God. I tried not to laugh when he told me this dream but I thought it was priceless. I guess the hubby's, deep down inside, want to know what pregnancy is like and how it knocks the women they love for a loop the way it does. 8-)


christa0120 - July 2

when i was pg with my now 6 yr old son I had a dream that i gave birth to twin monkeys. I was very upset that no one told me I was having twins and my mother in law named the 2nd monkey Bruce (ds is named Bryce) and I decided to put "bruce" up for adoption. Gulit riddled I went to retrieve him and I had to get him from a drive in movie theater. I stopped at the snack stand and they said that Bruce was in the other "building" So I went over to the other "building" which was a run down trailer where I found my little monkey. You think your dream was weird...lol


venus_in_scorpio - July 3

This is from www.dreammoods.com if you look up "pregnancy" in the A-Z dictionary. It has so far proven true to me!! "...In the first trimester, your dreams usually consists of tiny creatures, fuzzy animals, flowers, fruit and water. In the second trimester, your dreams will reflect your anxiety about being a good mother and concerns about possible complications with the birth. Dreams of giving birth to a non-human baby are also common during this period of the pregnancy. Finally, in the third trimester, you will tend to dream about your own mother. " Interesting huh?



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