I Hate My Employers

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Sam - August 31

5 weeks ago, I informed my boss (who I had no problems with before) that I was pregnant, and gave him a memo detailing how I would handle maternity leave with workload and such. I also requested that I be allowed to work from home three days a week. Well, they waited 5 weeks to give me a big, fat NO to my request to work from home. And, he took what were good-will gestures on my part about maternity leave (fielding questions at home, etc.), and expounded on that into I'll basically be doing all the work I would have if I was actually AT work BEFORE maternity leave, and not just before maternity leave, but 8 WEEKS before. He took what I considered to be a responsible, reasonable way to handle my absence and made it into all these deadlines and extra work. I am so upset I can hardly handle being here. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice on handling bosses who are the biggest pr!cks ever about maternity leave? It's three men, trying to dictate my entire life — surprise, surprise. I want to quit so bad, and the only way I see that happening is if I win the lottery. I've been crying for two days, and have no chance of getting another job in my "condition." I don't know if I should do what they laid out for me, or just do what I can. I don't know if I should say something to them about how unreasonable these demands are, or if that's just fuel for their fire. Help!


Bree - August 31

Are you covered by FLMA? How much time were you asking off from work? Just curious. Do you have to work? I know I do, but I'm very lucky. I was afraid to tell my boss, because I'm needed in my small office and I know they will have to get someone in here while I'm out, but they have been very respectful and told me not to worry about my job being in jeopardy.I'm grateful. I'd check into the laws that pertain to you if I were you. Find out your rights. No job is worth stressing over too much. Think of your precious baby and try to not worry too much. I hope it works out for you. If it were me I'd probably talk to them, though.


Sam - August 31

My "paid" maternity leave caps out at about a third of my normal pay per week and will last 8 weeks. I am planning on taking another 4 weeks unpaid after that. I am covered by FMLA. That's good you've got such a good situation. Obviously, I don't. They won't bring anyone in to do the work while I'm not here. They'll just make me do most of it before I leave, then unload the rest on my a__sistant. Very nice people.


hunee - August 31

The reason they are making your job harder for you is cos they know at this stage you are vunerable and if they make it hard for you then you will quit and then they get away with not paying you maternity and also they dont get a court case for unfair dismissal by doing all this they are tryiung to push you out. You should just act as if everything is fine and then they might realise they cant push you out


Tanyav - August 31

I would just do what you can. What are they going to do? fire you. You just hope they will so you can sue them for discrimination.


Sam - August 31

I really don't think they are trying to push me out. I've been with the company for 5 years, and I (used to) think I would be hard to replace. They're just treating me like dirt about this whole thing. Basically, because we put out a magazine every month, and with a 2-person staff, all of the planning needs to be done before I leave. But it certainly doesn't need to be done 8 weeks before I leave!! They're f'n crazy! Believe me, I wish they would fire me, too. Unemployment would be nice while I searched for another job. PLus, I could sue. Anyway, I don't think that will happen.


lmrod55 - August 31

I think they are being unreasonable and you should tell them. This is all about negotiation - you gave them a proposal and they came back with something more to their liking - so now you need to go back to them. Review what they have asked you to do (and by when) and outline items that you are willing to do and those that will just have to be done by someone else. Make sure that they understand that you are committed to the job (which sounds like they don't question) but you are also committed to taking care of yourself and this baby and too much stress (which is what the workload they are suggesting will give you) is not good. I wish you the best with this situation - I know it's hard when it's men at the helm, hang in there! BTW, it might not be as hard to find a new job as you think. I've worked for a small and big organization and both hired women well into their pregnancy - they were well qualified for the job and the right fit - pregnancy wasn't an issue!


Sonia - August 31

Hi Sam, and everyone. It really sucks that your bosses are acting like this and don't understand what a maternity leave means. And as lmrod55 mentioned, maybe it woulnd't be such a bad idea to check other jobs out, maybe you'll be surprised to see that you can be wanted (and respected) somewhere else reglardless of your pregnancy. I guess you don't have anything to lose if you do that.


Actually - August 31

She would have something to loose... Her paid maternity leave. You have to be employed with a company for 12 months before being eligable for the companies maternity leave. Check it out.


lmrod55 - September 1

Actually, you have to be employed by the organization for 12 months to take advantage of the unpaid FMLA leave. For short term disability (which is what a lot of companies maternity leave consists of) usually only requires 3 months on the job (and some start the day you start working for the company). Sam - how far along are you? Wishing you luck with the "bosses"...


pbj - September 1

I'm curious where some of you live, because a women is not ent_tled to paid maternity leave here in Florida; only to 12 week unpaid leave. Sam, if I were you I would wait it out until you go on maternity leave and then search for a job while out on leave. Just imagine how uncooperative they may be if after your child is born and you need to leave cause he/she is ill or needs to be taken to the doctor. Years ago I worked for men exactly like that, I didn't have children at the time, but I saw what a horrible time they gave the other women who had children. I'm curious if they have children; I'll bet they do and know nothing about caring for them.


Tamara - September 1

In Canada there is a 1 year maternity leave no matter where you work...and most companies top up the government maternity benefits at least for a few months, some for the whole year. That's horrible that you're being treated that way. My company, which is international is awesome and I've only just started 3.5 months ago but they are being very supportive and holding my job for a year starting March. You should chat with them and negotiate better terms...good luck!



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