I Hate That People Telling Me My Belly Is So Big

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kitten117 - February 24

Hi everyone, I’m in my week 25. My husband and I had very hard time to conceive this baby (our first baby). We were very excited when we found out that I was pregnant back in October 2008. My belly was not really showing in the beginning 3-4 months. However, people (even people I don’t know) start to commend about belly size recently. “You are so big, are you having twin?” “Are you going to have your baby soon?” “Wow..your belly looks big!” In fact, I don’t think my belly is too big for week 25, my baby’s weight is right on target, I still able to fit in my pre-pregnant clothes. I don’t know what wrong with some of the people. I just really annoyed about those commends. Do you have the same experience? Please share.


amylea22 - February 24

Hello, I am 21 weeks and feel large, although i don't think I am too large. I was a little overweight before we found out we ere expecting our first little one( a boy). I have had comments and people wanting to touchmy belly, and never really realzed how much is actually annoys me til now. I am not a rude person though so I just smile and brush it off. I do have to admit the growing belly is fun too, because you geta sense of oh my gosh I have a child growing. It is still unreal. I feel the flutters now too though so it makes it all worth it. I totally know how you feel.


andesue - February 24

Hi Ladies, I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and don't think I'm that big at all. Definately showing and looking pregnant, but not huge, Most people are pretty nice about saying, oh, you look so cute or just wow, look at that baby (at least that doesn't focus on me being big, just the baby :) But One person did say "wow, you're tummy is really sticking out there! Are there two babies in there??" I was kinda annoyed at that too. Especially because she knows there aren't two... wierd... why do people think it's ok to comment on how "big" you are without at least also throwing in a "you look great" or "you look cute" rude....


IsabellasMommy - February 25

I'm only 18 weeks and I get comments like that all of the time. I was overweight to start with, so that weight has shifted around and now makes me look farther along than I am. I normally shrug the comments off at the moment, but sometimes it's just too much and you need to say something. I normally laugh it off and answer as politely as I can at the moment. I do not allow anybody to touch my stomach except my boyfriend, daughter, my immediate family and my boyfriends immediate family. It's off limits to anybody else. I even have a shirt that says "Can I touch YOUR belly?" and yes, I do wear it if I'm going to the store or something. A friend of mine is a little more on the rude side than I am, and she used to make comments back to people that would say stuff about her looking big, asking if she's ready to deliver when she wasn't or about twins...I would never say things like this, but it does make me laugh. She would say "Yes, I'm pregnant and I'm big and proud, what's your excuse because you obviously aren't pregnant." or "My belly is big, it's all baby, you're belly looks like a keg of beer, a few bags of chips and way too many burgers." She even told me that she made a comment about her being fat while pregnant and the weight would go away, but the person was ugly and nothing could help them. She was rude, not all of the time, but whenever she felt she needed to be...it did get people to back off though. LOL Just remember, you have a baby growing inside of you, in a few months, you'll be holding your little one and everything you go through now will be worth it once you see that adorable little face.


babyblue2 - February 25

I have to agree with everyones comments. I am 18.5 weeks along, and look more like I am 6 months. Though I haven't gotten too many comments either way, I remember them well from previous pregnancies. I just shrug them off. If people aren't commenting on your belly, it would be something else. I wouldn't let any stranger touch my bump though. I have personal space issues and I think I would have to get physical about that!! LOL :)


star1 - February 25

i'm only 16 weeks but am waiting for people to start making comments as this time my belly is much bigger than last time think i must be carrying baby all at the front!! if people say anything to me i just plan to say - "i have a baby in my tummy whats your excuse?!!!!"


augustmommy3 - February 25

star 1, it's cute. I saw these shirts in some store that had the captioning like that, before i got pregnant, i can't remember where though. it would be nice to get some :)


rcmiller - March 1

You girls are funny as. I can't believe that one girls sister would say such rude things to a complete stranger! hahaha that's great! I am SO on the same page as you girls though. Yesterday I had a lady, womeone that I know, ask me how much further I had to go and when I told her just over 3 mos she says "wow you look pretty big! Maybe there's twins in there" grrrr...I was so annoyed b/c I think I look pretty d__n good actually and so...yah. Well then you get people that tell you you look tiny. Then there's this one compliment I got that said I look like I'm all baby meaning not fat and that I'm carrying well. But I'm in a customer service job and I'll be darned if I don't get that ALL the time. It's funny how people think that just b/c you're pg it gives them a right to comment on your size. I always tell other pg women how darn cute they look. I don't make any other comments what so ever. Its the safest one to make I think. Now when it comes to people touching your tummy. how the heck do you get them to stop? I had a lady at church come and stand there and just put her hand on my tummy for like 5 or 10 sec and I was like, excuse me! But of course I didn't say anything. Then she said 'It's a boy' So how do you NOT allow someone to touch without being rude?


natashajo - March 2

kitten, before i got prenant i was a size five. Now i'm pregnant with twins, first pregnacy by the way. I am only fourteen weeks along and most people think i am five months along. In one week i grow and can tell the difference, i had to quit wearing my regular clothes at about eleven weeks. I look very pregnant in just a short amount of time. not sure weather to laugh or cry about it. I have gained nine pounds already and i'm not quite half way there. Nothing ahead by a larger round belly, lol. Someone ask me when i was due the other week and i was embara__sed to even realize it was that noticable and then i say i'm not due to august and you can see there minds working like, march, april, may, june, july, august. wow you got a ways to go your really big. Ok so were all getting big but the positive point is we'll get little again plus have amazing lttle babies to hold. :)


tish212 - March 2

i got the same comments with my first pregnancy, all teh time ppl would ask, OMG you look like youre gonna pop, are you past due and c___p like that I only gained 16lbs my entire pregnancy and i was NOT overweight so what gave? Then it came to me, ppl have no idea what to say... so thats what they first think of and it comes right out of their mouths with no thought of how it might make the mother feel, now I am 19 almost 20 weeks pregnant with DD #2, and I began showing so much sooner, and really have not gained any weight, but I do have a belly now... I still here questions like when are you due (which isn't till july and yes i also see them counting it off in their head) so now I just say in the summer time lol... or I just say not soon enough. That way I dont have to hear the well you are big for being only 5 months... but no matter what you are gonna hear it...BLEH!!! BUT there are funny shirts at spencers like touch the belly lose a hand (i hate ppl touching me period let alone being pregnant and people start talking to my belly telling my DD to kick like shes a show dog to do tricks, drives me insane!) and there is one that says HOT chick in a 9 month fat suit, and the one said already Im pregnant, whats your excuse... they are about $20, but well worth it! and you can order them online as well.... i bought a shirt last pregnancy that said "super uncomfortable thanks" so ppl would stop asking how I felt, I was tired and carrying another person ALL the time, how did they think I felt? lol... just ignore the ppl that comment and realize its cuz they have no idea what to say...


kitten117 - March 2

I’m ready to bite someone’s hand off, if the next stranger touches my belly again! LOL. How the hell they think it’s ok to touch someone? People, just give me some personal space, please. I don’t mind my family or friends touch my belly after they asked. I’m a social worker and do home visits everyday. I remember one time, my client’s daughter (middle age woman) put her hand on my belly during the whole interview. She also talked to my belly couple times. Just crazy! Also, what’s up with the twins joke? You know, people ask “ Are you sure, you are not having twins?” even though they were already told that I’m having a boy. But at the end, people can say whatever they want. I won’t let them to steal my joy of having my miracle baby.


Samoria - March 3

Some people may just be trying to make conversation. While I do agree, people shouldn't touch your belly without asking... that's not so cool. However, be glad they are talking about the pregnancy and not asking if you're just "a little fat". If you don't like the talk about your belly, maybe try to find another way to include these people in the pregnancy, cause it sure seems like they're excited about it. Maybe talk about names or something else related to the pregnancy.


tish212 - March 4

KITTEN- OMG i HATE HATE HATE the twins question. I hear that all the time, are you sure they didn't see the second baby, maybe its hiding behind that baby. I mean does ANYONE understand Sonograms? They look straight on, above and below the baby so NO there is NOTHING hiding behind the baby... and I swear i have told my MIL that a MILLION times and yet with my first daughter and with this she swears I am pregnant with two... it drives me insane, its like basically saying the sonogram tech (with her 20+ years experience) is an idiot and doesn't know how to do her job. There is no second baby... i dont look like i am preg with twins and I am SICK of hearing that. Oh and the touching, phew I hated that with my first pregnancy... now i touch other peoples when they touch mine (yes i rub unpregnant peoples bellies to see how they like it, kinda stops them in their tracks) When i was preg with DD #1 this weird guy followed me through the gorcery store and ended up behind me inline, he kept reaching out to my belly trying to touch it and i kept moving away telling him not to touch me and he kept going on and on about how he loved to feel a baby move, and i got really upset and anxious so i screamed at him, if he loved babies so much to go find a wife and rub her belly and NOT to try to touch strangers' bellies and that if he reached out to touch me again I would break his arm. Needless to say he got out of line and walked away (i know that seems harsh but the guy was following me through the store-then trying to touch me I was so scared he was gonna follow me to the parking lot) after that i didn't go shopping alone for a while.


EricaB - March 16

Tish, I have no idea how you didn't drop him in his tracks! Good thing for him he ran away! I cannot believe the rudeness of these people. I am in my first pregnancy, 14 weeks along. I am a nurse in a hospital, and daily everyone says "Let me see your belly!" I have gotten the twin question dozens of times.... There is a d__n fibroid--12 cm-- on top of my uterus, so needless to say I have had a baby bump for a very long time. I also was a small person to begin with, so people everywhere are commenting on the 16 pounds I have gained! I am going right now to Spencer's online to see if I can get a warning shirt. I like the "Touch my belly, lose a hand". I also think you have made a great decision for me. I WILL touch anyone's belly who touches mine. Strangers, I mean. Actually, this post has made me psyched to do such a thing!


melay86 - April 8

Wow, those are all interesting stories! I am NOT looking forward to it at all! Luckily we've just moved to a new place and I don't get out enough to have that problem yet. Although I am a little worried about a few ladies at the new church we've been going to...I'm gonna have to tell my husband to be on the look-out for me!!...I do agree with Samoria tho that we should be thankful they're asking about the pregnancy and that we are pregnant when they do make these comments! My non-pregnant aunt had a lady come up to her at church and ask, "are you pregnant or just fat?"...some people are just so rude!


Bumblebee - April 10

I so agree with you all!!! I thought I was rude for not liking others (usually only women so far- I would kill a guy stranger! :~)) wanting to touch my belly. So, I felt guilty about it. Esp when I don't feel good vibes from someone, I feel real protective. Anyway, finally I made myself think about the women and their nurturing quality and when they touch I talk to the baby same time and say "aww, she loves you"... and touch my belly same time. Just my way of bringing love into the equation, to wipe out any negative vibes that may or may not be there. I also had someone comment that it may be twins (when I was only 13 weeks!!) ~~~ I smiled big and I said - "I sure hope so, more the merrier!" .... Haven't had any total strangers touch me yet, but if I saw one coming at me, I think my instinct would be to just back away and put my hand out -- unless it was a very sweet motherly looking lady - then I may not mind as much.


EricaB - April 16

Now I love it when my family touches my belly. It feels really special to have it be a family affair. I'm just trying to get rid of the stranger thing. Did anyone get any funny tshirts yet?



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