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Daynae79 - October 3

#1. when is everyone going to start registering for baby stuff and #2. When is everyone going to start purchasing furniture for the babys room??? This is my first and i am 15 weeks and i dont know when i am supposed to start doing that stuff.


sarah21 - October 3

I am 15 weeks and I am purchasing now. Well, actually, my mom and stepdad really wanted to help so they're purchasing the nursery but I picked it out and they are ordering a piece every month (makes it seem a bit less expensive that way) starting this week. I know some people like to wait, just in case, but I can't live like that.


dtgrandy - October 3

i usually start after i find out the s_x. the reason i do it is because it's easier to go to the store and pick up a pack of diapers or onesies & socks every week, instead of going and dropping $200-$300 all at once. Keep receipts though, you never know when the tech may make a mistake. lol.


Stephanie_31 - October 3

My baby's room is done. I was luck my best friend is done having kids so she gave me all her furniture. Do it sooner than later cause in the last couple months you probably won't feel like it.


val_jo - October 3

I would love to register soon b/c they are planning to do my shower 2-3 weeks after Christmas. I fugure if I do it soon, people can pick up stuff when they go Christmas shopping! I want to have the room painted and set up by Christmas, cause with our families, I'm sure the baby will get more stuff than we do!!!!


Daynae79 - October 3

i know, i want to start doing stuff now. Guess i could pick out furniture b/c i'm doing white reguarless of the gender. I am soo anxious but as far as registering i will wait till i find out the s_x!!!


sarah21 - October 3

Yeah I'll register after we find out what it is. But the furniture is the big thing for me, and painting and all that good stuff to get the room ready to put the clothes and stuff in.


Rainbowbrite - October 3

I was going to register for baby stuff probably not too long after we find out the s_x... i think once you're in your second trimester it is okay to start.. where are you gonna register at, do you know?


hopeful24 - October 3

Daynae, I am 22 weeks and just registered yesterday, but we ordered the baby furniture about two weeks ago, but it won't get in until December.


ROBYN - October 3

We are 18weeks and 3 days we found out we are having a boy last week we purchased all our furniture this past weekend it will take 6 weeks to come in and we ordered all the bedding so we can start painting the room. My sister purchased a bunch of onesies for us thats the only clothes. I want to register within the next 8 weeks.


duckiec - October 4

Hi- I'm just short of 20wks and will probably start registering in the next couple of weeks. We'll (hopefully) find out its its pink team or blue tomorrow- I've been waiting for that, and to confirm everything is ok before stepping foot in the baby store. We haven't gotten or looked at any furniture yet... we'll probably do everything together. Im anxoius to get the room ready... but lazy when it comes down to cleaning/painting it!


sahm2alaj - October 4

I set up my registry the weekend we found out it's a boy :) And the furniture we have already from our son that was born a year and a half ago. With my 1st though I did buy piece by piece as the pregnancy progressed. We received a lot of things from the baby shower so I don't go crazy shopping until I know what things are missing.


cayingo - October 4

I agree with doing it sooner rather than later. Not only do you have the energy for it in the 2nd tri, but I waited too long w/ my DD and she was born 4w early. We had nothing ready! DH went home and set up the crib and washed some clothes for her while I was still at the hospital. But I would suggest waiting until you know the gender. Makes decisions a lot easier and more fun. Have a grand time!


Martha31 - October 4

Hi Dayna:) Glad you're doing so well:) OMG good sweet memories:)) this is the most exciting part of your prengancy, I swear...choosing furniture, looking at little outfits and all:)) Can't wait to experience it all over again!:) So with my dd I started looking at furniture when I was around 16 weeks and bought it at 6 months..the room was pepared, painted and decorated by 7 months. GL my dear!!:)) you can start whenevr you want. Here in Canada it takes like 3 months for the furniture to be ready so we made sure that it woudl be there when the baby arrives...For the first 3 month we kept her in a little "basinette" next to our bed anywyas:) Are you going to have a baby shower? Will it be a surpise or will you help organizing it? ~hugs~


Daynae79 - October 4

Hi Marta!!! I am a control freak so i will be helping to plan my own shower. We are gonna do it at the end of January so that will be about 7 weeks before the baby is due. I am gonna register 11/7. i took the day off from work and DH and i am gonna make a day of it. By December we will purchase the furniture and get the babys room ready. SO FUN!!!!


sarah21 - October 4

That sounds like so much fun-- taking a day off work and just doing something like that makes it seem really special and something to look forward to. I want to go too! Lol. And it will be nice and cold and holiday-ish, which is the best time to go shopping. I love the holidays...


sarah21 - October 4

Oh and as far as places to register, I'll register at Kohl's and Target.



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