I Have A Cold Shudder

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jenice - October 30

Help! I have a cold, and have been dealing with a stuffy nose and trouble breathing for over a week. Now I'm starting to cough, and the c__p that was in my sinuses is moving to my chest. I hate colds! I'd rather be throwing up than dealing with a cold (I've always felt this way.). I've been drinking lots of liquids and chicken noodle soup, and I've slathered on the Vicks Vapo-Rub (which really is amazing...too bad it's so messy!). But my DH caught my cold and picked up some medication, and I have to admit I'm starting to eye those pills! Any idea how long colds typically last? (I'm one of those people who usually takes a decongestant if I feel a cold coming on, and it's usually enough to bypass the cold completely. So I have no idea of how long these things last.) Also...any cures out there that I haven't already been trying? Or some sympathy...I'm such a whiner. But every time I ask my friends who have been pregnant before, they just tell me that your immune system is much stronger when you're pregnant, so you won't catch a cold, so don't even worry about it! Argghh!


Tory1980 - October 30

Actually your immune system is lower when pregnant to allow for the pregnancy to progress - the body actively recognises the pregnancy but would attack it as a foreign body and some people believe this is why some women get morning sickness - the bodies way of recognising something isn't right. The 'cold' is more than likely due to the build up of the mucus membranes and completely normal in pregnancy. It won't leave either until baby is born and is a good sign all is well. Should it become a chest infection then anti-biotics will be needed but other than that you are doing everything that can be done. Some people will say take paracetamol for any aches but my Doctor has tols me unless 100% necessary to take nothing medicated at all. I hope it goes soon but if not go and get checked over and see if the Doctor can recommend anything. Sorry you are feeling like c___p!


cynthia502 - October 30

With my last pregnancy, I had a cold that turned into bronchitis and was very worried that the severe coughing would throw me into premature labor. After battling it with nothing for 2 months, the dr finally gave me a perscription for something. I can't remember what it was, but it helped clear things up. Try to handle it on your own, but if it gets worse, go see the dr and have him/her decide what is best for you. Good luck!


sarah21 - October 31

Well if it makes you feel any better, I got a cold for 2 weeks, then the day I woke up feeling better was also the day I woke up with a 4-day stomach flu. It was so awful. The Tylenol cold products are safe to use and some Dr.'s will okay sudafed. So check with your Dr. and see.


jenice - October 31

Thank you! I heard somewhere about Neti Pots, and so yesterday I went out and bought one. I've only used it once, but it cleared things up in my sinuses...it was completely clear for about two hours, and I was able to fall asleep easier. Cynthia502-the bronchitis...that sucks. I really hope this doesn't turn into something worse. Thanks for your advice, and I really recommend those neti pots, if anyone else has sinus problems. (It's basically just a saline solution rinse, so it's totally safe for use during pregnancy.) Anything to recommend for coughs? (You know, the kind that gets you going really badly right when you want to fall asleep..) I have some Halls (yes, I know...menthol), but I really limit myself to the equivalent of one per day. Any other solutions out there?



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