I Just Fell

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ThePezChick - June 23

I just fell coming into my house. I fell forward but caught myself with my knee and hands rather than my stomach. It was a pretty hard fall so I'm concerned if it may have hurt the baby. Thank goodness I have a doctor's appt. today at 1:45. That only leaves me 3 hours to stress about it. Has anyone else fallen? Info please.... Thanks!


Deirdra - June 23

I have fallen, its not a really big deal, the baby is very well protected in there...its safe in there for a fall. plus you caught yourself...and i didnt, and everything is fine...i wouldnt worry about it...


frankschick2001 - June 23

OUCH! Don't worry, baby is fine! You'd be surprised how well cushioned they are in there. And given that you didn't hit your stomach going down, I'd say it is no big deal.


18wbabynov - June 23

i fell down the stairs... and my little girl is doing great... and i didnt catch myself very well... im sure your baby is fine! they are like little bombshells... well protected! (o:


HannahBaby - June 23

Girl i fell down the stairs HARD in the middle of the night, i went to the er (even thought my doctor told me not to) She told me the only kind of injury that will hurt baby is the kind of injury that will put YOU in the hosptial. I went to er, they listened to heart beat, and sent me on my merry way saying that if i was going to lose the baby there was nothing that they could do. (real nice huh) I worked on a maternity floor a few months after i had baby and we had a woman come in who was in a SEVERE car accident (the 3 other people in the other car died) and she was under 24 hour observation, and she was fine. I woudlent worry about it, im sure thats what your doctor will tell you. Good luck


ThePezChick - June 23

Zeb and I are fine thank goodness. The doctor said I may be a little sore but that the baby most likely just enjoyed the ride. I appreciate your input and encouraging words!



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