I Just Want To Cry Right Now

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angelgabby84 - January 11

Ok so I was supposed to have my cerclage yesterday, but a scan of my cervix showed that it was at 5.2cms (perfect) so I will be under close observation for now just in case is gets smaller....... Those of you who know me, know that I had a prem delivery at 24weeks just over four years ago..... So yesterday I found out the REAL reason I went into labour early. GBS - I have Group B Strep (I knew I had on my last pregnancy and was told all about the antibiotics and things).... I remember being told six months after i lost Robyn that the probablye cause of delivery was due to a bacteria found in my urine that was beleived to have originated from the rectal area.... At the time I didnt even think about GBS... However, I had a leter yesterday that said to visit my GP to get penicillin throughout my pregnancy because I am so heavily colonized that the GBS is in my urine... I told the consultant before when she asked that was how it was detected before because the only other tests Ihad were blood work. ...... You will never guess what her answer was - Oh well I havent been able to locate your notes from your previous pregnancy so I cant make a valuable judgement either way........ Oh and it turns our that GBS can originate in the rectal area - It seems to me that rather than admit it was the GBS detected in your urine 12weeks ago that we didnt treat, they p___yfooted around it and made me even more confused................ So finally after four years of wondering, I now know what caused this and at 16 weeks pregnant I also know that I will be treated accordingly to prevent what happened last time happening again......... And as I said before I just fel like crying. ......


mjvdec01 - January 11

Honey, I am so sorry. So is everything alright so far? Do you feel that maybe you should change OB's? You really need a practice that you feel secure with. Let me know how you are doing.


heatherjene - January 11

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this, I hope all turns out well for you which I'm sure it will. We can't change the past but I agree with you 100%, I would be mad as hell. Take a deep breathe and count down the days until you hold your baby when all of this is over. :)


newmomma32 - January 11

I hope all goes well, and remember that this forum is agreat support system for u ---its just too bad we can't meet and discuss in person!


cors1wfe - January 11

Hang in there - we are all here for you - try not to worry....


ChattyKathy - January 11

Are you still seeing the same doctor?! Get a new one! I cannot believe that they would make such a big mistake! Oh, I would be so angry. Can you talk to a lawyer about this? It HAS to be some type of malpractice, and if this were me I'd definitely see what can be done about it!


kay101 - January 11

I'd like you to go to forum.freeadvice.com and post something about this under medical and health care malpractice and see if you have a case. Besides saying that, I want to say I'm terribly sorry for your loss and I'm happy you've found out how to prevent the problem this time. I too deffinately suggest getting a new dr. especially since you have over half your pregnancy to go.


Chyna26 - January 11

So sorry sweetheart. I two delivered twins two years ago at 24 weeks. They survived for a week and died due to an infection. I am now 18 weeks with a single fetus. It was later found 6 months after this that I had a placental infection that can also bring on preterm delivery. Yet of course any infection of any kind during pregnancy can be a hazard to our unborn. I know first hand how you feel and what your going through. I have no cerclage as of yet because my cervix is measuring at 4 cm. When you said your measurements of your cervix you make me a little jealous (smile). I take antiobiotics 3 times a month to prevent infection and I am getting the 17P shot to quiet the contractions which can a__sist to prevent preterm delivery and so far, by the goodness of my almighty Lord all is going well. I will tell you this please, please get a doctor that you can trust that will walk you like a dog until your little pumpkin gets here. You need close monitoring and a doctor that truly cares will never fail you. Take Care, Mommy and if you ever need another chat buddy to talk to well i'm here 4 u.....



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