I Ll Be 15 Weeks Friday And Im Not Showing Yet

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Not Showing Yet - March 7

Im not really showing yet and i will be 15 weeks on friday 3/10. I went for my dr's appt last week and we heard a strong hb via doppler so i know everything is ok....but i hate being in this inbetween stage, Can anyone tell me when they started to show qith their first baby??? Thanks


livdea - March 7

I'm showing now but not tons. I'm about 22 weeks and have a little belly going on. If you want to compare your belly to mine check out my site www.livdea.piczo.com I have pics up there from 15-16 weeks. I don't look super pregnant but I felt huge! It's so frusterating I know!! Just wait until we're big and all belly...we'll be wishing for that tiny tummy again!


val - March 7

I didn't start showing until probably around 16 to 18 wks, and only towards 18 wks was it noticeable to other people...and only if I wore a tight shirt. Some people just don't show until later. I'm 35 wks now, and miss the days when maternity clothes were huge on me....now, no matter what the size, my belly hangs out the bottom of all my shirts and I am so uncomfortable! Don't worry, you will start popping out within the next couple months, and eventually you will be like me, wishing you could have that small belly again! Good luck and congrats.


yourtrish - March 7

Wow! I wish. I'm the complete opposite. I'm 14w and have been showing since practically day 1 of this pregnancy! I'm so bloated and big that I've been in mat-pants since 10w and everyone knows I'm pregnant (no hidding it). You konw what Not Showing Yet...in the beginning I was so embara__sed by my big belly and I used to try to hide it, so I guess we all have our concerns. Everyone are so different and from what I've heard, we all catch up to each other at one point or another, so don't worry to much sweety, I'm sure you'll start to show when your body is ready! Good luck!


iakram - March 8

hi not showing yet - i think it depends on whether or not this is your 1st or 2nd and so forth. with DS #1 i didn't start showing until 22 weeks...almost 5 1/2 months. this time around...i started showing at 18 weeks...it weird after dinner my belly is huge and when i wake up in the morning it's gone down probably all the food i ate during dinner lol. but i know what you mean...i'm sort of in the inbetween phase where i'm showing but not really. don't worry 15 weeks is still to early for some :)


meg - March 8

I will be 14 weeks tomorrow & am not showing at all either. Not only am I not showing, but I have not gained a pound either! Not that I am super excited about being huge & uncomfortable, but I am ready to start showing some & definitely to start gaining weight! I'm tall (5'8") & fairly slender (130), so I thought for sure I would gain weight & show earlier than others who are having their first...but no luck. Dr. on Mon. said that I am perfectly normal. I'm just happy to know that things are progressing & that I made it out of the 1st trimester!


Patti - March 8

I was very small with my first pregnancy. I didn't gain much weight (20 lbs, 3 the last week) and didn't show until 22+ weeks. I really wanted to show and let everyone know I was pregnant : ) I've found since then that I show very early in pregnancy. By the way, my first weighed 7.6 lbs, so even though I didn't gain much, he was perfectly healthy. Good luck!


ataylor724 - March 8

Hi Not Showing... I'm 17 weeks and not showing at all either... in fact my stomach looks flatter than normal lol. It's really fun when you get sick in public and people look at you like you have an eating disorder.... we really are preggers! I just went into the Doc about this since I haven't gained weight either and she said it's completely normal to not show until up to 24 weeks for some. I haven't heard of anyone taking this long (22 at most), but it is comforting. It also depends on your weight. If you are overweight it's common to not show until late, and sometimes hardly at all. With smaller women it is often earlier (although I'm 5'6" and 120). I guess it's just one of those things that's different for everyone. Don't worry though, that can cause you to change weight rapidly and that's never good... just keep it steady and listen to the Doc and your body. Good luck!



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