I Love Being Pregnant I Hate Being Pregnant

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Cassie06 - March 15

I am an emotional wreck lately!!! I am 19 weeks, and I just dont know what to do with myself!! Yesterday I felt horrible and ugly and fat and couldnt stand being pregnant and vowed never to do it again. Today I feel adorable and love being pregnant and cant wait to have more. I couldnt stand maternity clothes yesterday and vowed that as soon as I couldnt squeeze into regular clothes anymore I was staying in bed in my pjs until I had the baby. Today I got some more clothes in the mail that I had ordered and tried them on and love maternity clothes and think I look adorable. Does anyone else have these huge varieties with their emotions? I feel like I am losing my mind and I just never know what to expect, even from myself! HELP!!


mcatherine - March 15

Everyone has them to some degree or another. Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy hormones. There is no other time in a woman's life where so much extra weight will be viewed by all as simply BEAUTIFUL. Try to go a little easier on yourself when you look into the mirror and remember the amazing reason that your belly is growing.


Inny - March 15

Hey Ca__sie06! I am right there with you! My emotions are all over the map about being pregnant. I know I am so lucky to have this little miracle and I won't be able to imagine life without it once he / she is here. But, there are days now where I feel a little bummed out - somedays it is because I terribly miss having energy, or because nothing fits me properly or feels comfortable, or because of the nausea still at 21 weeks, the nose bleeds, the head aches, the back aches, the acne, etc...! But, then I feel my baby flopping around and it brings a huge smile to my face. Every day emotionally is completely different for me.


falafal0 - March 16

Sing it sister, every day brings new emotions, sometimes a few times EACH day. My DH says that this time arond I am much more emotional and sensitive than with our other children. He's right - I feel it, and hear the thigns i say, but just can't stop myself. It's unbearable some days! Hold your belly nd remind yourself that you're not insane, there is a reason all this is happening, and love yourself!



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