I M 13 Wks Today

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Tess - November 11

Hi Ladies! Just happy to share that Im 13 wks today. I can't wait til we find out our baby's gender....n those 1st movements (kicks n stuff) Just happy........thanks!


Mom2Lyssa - November 11

Congrats Tess, I turned 13 weeks on Monday (the 7th). I can't wait either to feel him/her moving! This is my second child. Have you heard the babies heartbeat as yet?


Lisa - November 11

Congratulations! It's so exciting to pa__s that mark!! I found out what s_x my baby was at 16 weeks and confirmed at 20! It was so exciting, you are going to have a blast as your US!


Tess - November 11

YES!! We heard our baby's heartbeat on the fetal doppler last Wed. 11/09 its amazing how technology works these days.....Heartbeat was so clear as water....Hub n I are just so proud of our beautiful angel. :) Lisa, thank you for your comments....I can't wait either to find out the gender....Dr said probably around 20wks or so..(that equals to 1st wk of Jan) very excited here!


Lisa - November 12

That's great! I can tell how excited you are...are you dying to buy baby clothes right now? I was. Waiting to find out was a killer, now that I know I find I'm always picking out something for her for when she gets here. I've gotten some pretty awesome things on ebay as well.


T - November 12

You may be able to feel baby's movements if you're really still late at night. Eat a snack, & sit & wait. The baby should become more active upon suddenly having nutrients. Anyway, I felt my baby in the 12th week (17 & 1/2 weeks now, feeling baby much more), even though we're told we won't until much later if we're first-time moms. So it's possible. Welcome to the second trimester!


Tess - November 12

Lisa, Yes Im very excited to buy clothes for him/her...If I knew right this second what we're having...I've could have done alot of shopping...oh wellz. I need more patience I guess....hehehe So, how far along are you now? When are you due? Nice to have this pregnancy forum for every moms to be and the mommies out there :P Thanks for replying again.


Tess to T - November 12

I will definitely try that trick you said....Does it matter if you're slim, average or a little chubby? I guess so...We'll see.


T to Tess - November 12

Well, I'm slightly (about 10 lbs.) overweight, so guessing it doesn't matter too much.



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