I M 14wks With Period Still

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*ann* - April 16

I now 14 weeks pregnant, but I still have my period. I still feel the baby move and everything so I know my baby is okay, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this, and does it mean anything??!! The doctor said it could be because my body doesnt know im pregnant at this point. Any suggestions, or anyone else has their period still too?!


D - April 16

All I can say is I used to have friend that didnt know she was pregnant because she had her period til she was 7 months. She had two kids previously before that so she should have known and felt the baby move but she didnt test herself til her period stopped and she was putting on more weight. By that time she was already 7 months along.


coco - April 17

Oh wow...! 1st of Ann ,congratulation ! This is an interesting topic and somehow a mystery . Do u mind me asking u a few questions ? Did u read +ve on ur urine tests since ur still having periods and can u describe plz how and where u feel the baby move ? A lot of women asked this question and it seems that it is hard to beleive. I beleive that i am pregnant but still getting my periods, are urs regular and look similar to no-pregnant periods? or are they different ? ( like shorter/lighter).I'm sorry to bug u, i think im going crazy over this, i feel movements and my belly is growing , no clothes fit me now but i test -ve. I'm really curious to know! At least ur doctor beleives ur pregnant.How did u find out ? Thx in advance. Take care and good luck ! Is it ur first ?


Tarah - April 17

Coco- if you don't mind me asking, how far along do you think you are? I am 25 weeks now and I couldn't feel my baby move until about 18 or 19 weeks! It could just be gas that you guys are feeling, but who knows? Good luck with finding out! And good luck Ann with the rest of your pregnancy! =)


To ANN - April 17

How did you know you were pregnant? Missing a period is normally the first sign.Did it show on a hpt? Just curious!! .....Congrats!!!


*ann* - April 17

I got two positive home pregnancy tests. I feel my baby moving on my left side near my belly botton most of the time. The reason I took the home test was because my b___sts were very sore and I always felt like I was going to throw up. My period would always come and stop on the 3rd day and then spot for about 2 more days or so. I knew something was up!! The doctor told me that my hcg level probably isnt high enough yet so that is why my period is still coming ..good luck coco!!!


Coco - April 18

Thx Ann for answering , because a lot of us often don't ! lol That is weird that u would still get periods while pregnant, but i know it happens more than we would like to think !And u are a living proof that it does happen ! Have a happy pregnancy! Tarah, i think i would be about 4 mths now . I know it seems unreal when i say i feel movements , but i have 2 kids already and i even forgot what it felt like feeling the 1st babys movements until now. I did feel them around 18 wks too for my first but for my second i recognised them much earlier. And now i feel them again. I do have gas sometimes ( blushing..-lol- ) and it feels different.Gas does not tickle ,it is a sweet feeling.But like u said , Who knows! Good luck to u too !


coco - April 18

I meant to say that gas does not tickle and what i feel is a sweet feeling! LOL i had to clarify as it sounded weird!


*ann* - April 18

Coco- Lol, that is really funny! I was like "she thinks her gas feels sweet?" then I read your next post and then I couldnt stop laughing to myself. hehe!


Audrea - April 19

I have heard of women still ovualting while pregnant even throughout whole pregnancy. Also, something to check out. If you are still having your period and think you are in first trimester make sure you are not having bad pains in the side of lower abdomen. If you are having bad pains that lasts for some time it could be a tubal pregnancy if still having your period. Not to worry anyone, but this could be a serious problem and should be checked out. There are normal pains in lower abdomen due to ligament stretching as uterus enlarges and can hurt, but it comes and goes quickly. The type of pain to be worried about comes with bleeding that contiues, and should definitely be checked out.


Tarah - April 19

Coco- LOL! Since you've already had two kids, that clears it up for me! I wasn't sure if it was gas you had or not! Good luck if you are pregnant!!


coco - April 19

LOL yeah, that's me , i always have to say something stupid even when i don't wanna ! LOL Well, if i can find this post again ( lol-will look for it ! ) i will let u know! Again congrats to u girls ! ( big smile)


*ann* - April 19

Tarah, when did you start to show?


Sam - April 20

My mother had her period all through her pregnacy with me. And my grandmother with her. I asked her if it was at least lighter or a different color. She said it was exactly like her regular periods. It still has to be pretty scary though!! Good luck!


Tarah - April 20

Ann - I started having a little pooch at about 18 weeks and people are just now starting to notice that I'm pregnant at 25 weeks, besides people who already knew! I guess my baby is just a late bloomer! =)


anonymus - April 24

im a 15 year old and i am also fourteen weeks pregnant and have my period and like you the baby is still moving so i dont think its anything to worry about. Just keep up with your doctor and if you see anything alarming contact your doctor right away


Pam - April 25

When my mom was pregnant with me, she still had her periods until she was about 6 or 7 months along. At first the doctor was alarmed but then said that it just must have been blood that neither her or I needed. It was just the body's way of expelling the excess blood.



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