I M Black Baby S Father Is White HELP

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Anxious Mommy - December 26

Can anyone offer me any advice? i would like to know what my baby will look like. My baby's father is white with red hair and green eyes and I am black with brown eyes and caramel skin. I would like to know what the possibility of my baby's looks will be. SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE I have read some of the commnets on here, and I am not asking for any negativity. POSITIVE LADIES ONLY PLEASE. Any ladies in my situation or know of any people in my situation?


Jennifer - December 26

well im mixed black and white, but I mean not all mixed people look alike...my mom had blond hair blue eyes, and my dad is african american with dark skin. Its all in the genetics...I can't tell you exactly how your baby will look.....


jenn - December 26

be beautiful no matter what.. you have to look back at family genes too like what are you parents eye color and his. the strongest color . would be the one that would come out in baby.. red hair vs black hair 50/50 chance of haveing either or.. maybe a auburn? green eyes with brown maybe hazel.. i m sure it will be stunning regardless... this couple i know here ..she is white with blue eyes he is black/actually half but with hazel eyes both kids came out with light brown skin.. dark hair and these amasing green eyes.. send pic when you have it . would be neat to see the colors.......


a bird - December 26

You will think your baby is beautiful. In addition, every person I've ever known with a large diversity of races in their background was especially intelligent & stunning. But that's just my experience.


Patreasa - December 26

Your baby will be beautiful no matter what. Skin color or eye color makes no difference. My baby can come out green with pink eyes and i would still love her to death.....not trying to make a joke, just emphasizing the importance of loving your child no matter how they look...


Patreasa - December 26

Why is there so much negativity in here? If you don't like what someone says, fine, but please keep in mind they are ent_tled to their opinions, and just because you don't like what they say, that doesn't mean you have to insult them. let's be adults and act like mature women, ok?


Katie - December 27

My cousin has red hair and his girlfriend is black their son is mixed with big brown eyes he's so cute! I dont know their eye color but I thought it was close enough.


Joan - December 27

She knows her baby will be beautiful no matter what, and I'm sure she is as concerned about health as all of us - but she's just curious about what the baby will look like. There's no harm in asking if anyone knows of a similar situation, and it doesn't make her a vein selfish mom - just curious, like all of us. Do you not wonder what your baby will look like?


Lindsay - December 27

I think mixed black and white babies are very pretty. Is it a girl?


mama-beans - December 27

It will be such a surprise! I'm sure s/he will be beautiful, all babies are. Of my friends, several are in mixed race relationships. Of the black/white couples, I always thought the children, when new born, really looked like the black partner.. darker skin, hair,etc and it usually wasn't till the child was older, toddler, that you could see the lighter skin person's features. I Moms in mixed race relationships have it hard enough without all the criticisms. From the time you are a little girl you have this mental picture of what your children will look like, and when you fall in love and make a baby with a person of a differnt race, it is only natural to wonder how much different from your fantasy child your real child will be. I know I always imagined a little pink bundle, as did my sister. Well, I got my "pink" baby but she is marrried to a wonderful black man, and as the whitest of white gals I know ( in pigmentation) she is having to drastically change how she thinks of her newborn... she will NOT have a pink bundle handed to her, and although she couldn't be more excited to have children, it is something she has to deal with. It is not a negative thing, just a changing of how you think.


Mindy - December 27

It sounds like you are going to have a beautiful baby. What are you so worried about?


WOW! - December 28

I love to hear of these combinations! I think people of mixed backgrounds are the most beautiful! My husband and I are both caucasian (Boring!) LOL! Whatever your child looks like, I gurantee you he/she will be nothing short of GORGEOUS!!!!!! Congrats!!!!


Alexis - December 28

I concur. Mixed babies are some of the most beautiful children I've ever seen! I'm just white and have always found the mixed children to look so beautiful and exotic. I have friends who are mixed...some white & black, some white & filipino....some white and hispanic. All gorgeous people, both inside & out. You're so lucky. You're going to have such a lovely child! :-)


......... - December 28

ok, getting a little peeved at all the "JUST white" and "boring whitey" comments....


BethAnn - December 28

My best friend is simailar - her husband is a fair skinned white male and she i black. Both her children are beautiful. They had tannish skin and dark brown hair curly hair. Don't worry yourr children will be beautiful! Good luck.


to ...... - December 28

you should be! to the orginal poster: all we can do is guess and your guess is as good as ours. There is no way any of us could know what your child will look like esp since we have no clue what u look like.


taricks mommy - January 22

i just had a baby boy i am white blond hair blue eyes his daddy is very dark complected and our new son is just one shade darker than me so you never know



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